Winter Wishlist



(and so is my sore throat, blocked nose and my winter wishlist!)

So I’ve really been into the Army green coloured tops and shirts lately and since winter has technically begun, I’ve really been feeling the army green jackets and laced brown shoes lately and if I get these in a good deal soon my outfit for my new years eve coldplay concert is SORTED!

In terms of makeup – I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect eyeshadow palette and after lots of swatching and research into the too faced palettes I’ve kinda set my mind onto the ABH Modern Renaissance  palette as from what I saw, the quality of those shadows matched no other. They blend so easily and I just LOVE the colours!

I’ve recently discovered KIKO Milano here in Dubai, and I’ve gotta say Im so so so impressed by their quality and prices of products. I felt a bit overwhelmed and didnt really buy anything yet, but after some research (as always, obviously) Im definitely leaning towards giving their full coverage concealer a shot. And as for fragrance, I’ve rediscovered the Chanel No. 5 and its just bliss.

Metallics are so in right now in terms of shoes, lip products and bags – but the only thing I’m into are the shoes and bags! I’ve already got a pair of silver flats (which are super versatile by the way – as surprising as it may seem), and I proudly overwear them all. the. time. Really into the metallic cross body bags, they really do put a whole outfit together.

As for the glasses, my current ones are so beat up and I just need a new pair quite bad.

Thats all for now! Also guys, I’ve been quite consistent with posting up on my social medias lately so do check my links out!



Unwinding Favourites

img_2889Its always important to slow down. The world is constantly moving at such a fast pace that we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves and just breathe – which is very important for us to do. Mindfulness is very important for our wellbeing and I’ve been incorporating it into my daily routine for the past few weeks now, safe to say – I’m loving it!

Theres obviously a ton of ways to practice mindfulness – being a beauty enthusiast myself, I undoubtedly have a crazy interest in beauty products that I find helps me unwind. So here are my UNWINDING FAVOURITES!


The Lush Fresh Face Mask in Love Lettuce is my current favourite thing to slather all over my face! Its quite possibly one of the best face masks I’ve ever used AND ITS FRESH! Since this mask is stored in the fridge its very cooling and calming on the skin. Its got honey, almond oil, french lavender and almond shells which makes it very moisturising and VERY relaxing because of the lavender. (AED 70)

I just love laying on my bed with this mask on and just enjoying the lovely lavender fragrance and feeling super relaxed, its my fave part of my week!

In terms of the other stuff, I’ve been into the Spa Ceylon balms lately too and they really do help me relax before bed. The SLEEP Calming Balm is made of lavender, lemon, orange, vitamin E and ylang ylang, which is why its very relaxing to apply on before bed. The COMFORT Balm is more of a reliever and really helps me if I’ve got a headache or if my muscles need some relief. Spa Ceylon is a Sri Lankan range of products that smell to die for. I believe they do have an online store as well in case you’re interested.

The NIVEA Soft Cream is definitely a golden oldie. I love keeping it by my bed in case Im in a skin moisturising emergency, because you know – that happens.. I really love the smell of this stuff and it does make my skin much softer too! (also, its dirt cheap! – AED 6)


 A good moisturiser does wonders to your skin (and your mood!), the feeling of freshly moisturised skin especially after a shower is amaaaazing! The Gloriously Moisturising Argan Body Lotion is a good one I picked up from boots. Its not as great as The Body Shop moisturisers but it does the job and it aint bad at all! (AED 15)

img_2897img_2893Another one of my favourites is this Spa Ceylon Body Scrub! Its such a good scrub and it smells so good and calming! Its so refreshing and relaxing I AM OBSESSED! Its the perfect in-shower body scrub and Im going to be sad when its over because I can only repurchase when Im back in Sri Lanka!

The Body Shop Lip Butters are a good night-time lip balm/treatment and always makes sure I wake up with soft lips (all ready for my matte lippies!) Been loving using this stuff and I always keep it by my bed!


And saving the best for last, the most amazing lush bath bombs! For the ultimate unwinding I just love love love having a nice hot bath. Baths are just a million times better with a bath bomb and bubbles so I could not resist sharing this one with ya’ll tooo!

This ones called the luxury bath pod. Their website has pictures of all their bath bombs and masks and all things beautiful so I would definitely recommend spending a couple of hours checking their stuff out (as I do!)