TRAVEL DIARY ✈️ – Bali Indonesia – UBUD Edition🍃

So I got back from beautiful Indonesia a couple of weeks ago and here I am having MAJOR withdrawals while looking at the photographs I took!

We chose Bali because we felt like it was the perfect location to escape to from the hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle we call home. We were so right! Our trip to Bali was just what we needed! We were there for about 10 days and we split it up between Ubud, Kuta and Uluwatu. This post is going to be entirely on Ubud because thats just how perfect it is 😍

 (although I would love to wake up in Ubud every single day. the journey from Dubai to Bali was quite LONG and exhausting)

Getting there – We flew Singapore Airlines which meant we had a stopover there for a couple of hours, but we got super lucky as we missed our connecting flight (due to a delay) and we were compensated with a cozy hotel room and a beastly buffet till the next one. WHAT A WIN! The journey was about 7 hours to SG and then 3 to Bali which was alright as it was broken up, and we were so so so pleased with the airplane because it was so comfortable and the entertainment was ON POINT! 😍

Where to Stay in Ubud – The journey from the Airport to Ubud was about 1 hour long. In terms of places to stay at, there are plenty of options from homestays to luxury resorts and that is the beauty of hotels in Bali – theres something for all budgets!

We stayed at a homestay as well as a little resort while we were at Ubud. I just think its important to stay a bit closer to the center of the city so its easier to go about (obvi)

Getting Around – We managed to rent cute retro looking scooters from every hotel we were staying at on our trip. That is honestly the BEST way to travel around unless you want to spend the rest of your holiday stuck in traffic 🙃

Where to EAT! – There were so so so many food options in Ubud (WHICH WERE HALAL MIGHT I ADD). But the ones that caught our attention and love was definitely ‘white orchid‘ – they had some delish Balinese fish curry that my husband STILL craves every other day! As for coffee Id definitely recommend Lazy Cat Cafe because its just too perfect and I regret not going there every day!

Now let me bombard you with some photos I took of my favourite places in Ubud!

The Tegenungan Waterfall

Quite possibly the most visited waterfall in Ubud. The hike down and up were killer but the view was breathtaking and the air was so cooling which was perfect after climbing a million steps in the hot sun 😻 Visitors can usually swim in but on the particular day that we visited the water pressure was REALLY STRONG that the red flag was up!

DSC_0164DSC_0169 2DSC_0171DSC_0193DSC_0177

Campuhan Ridge Walk Hike 🌿

This picturesque beauty is a hidden gem in Ubud and I was so glad that we were able to hike it all the way up! We were up bright and early at 7am and headed straight up here. It was so lovely to see many people going for jogs, taking there dogs on runs and school kids just chilling out and listening to music. 🐶

It was NOT easy and we were half dead by the time we left but it was so worth being surrounded by so much nature and greenery so early in the morning! Something we cant get in Dubai even if we tried. If you’re ever going to stay in Ubud for a while, Id definitely recommend this hike and I would strongly urge you to go beyond early!


The Ubud Art Market 🛍️

Easily the best spot for shopping for souvenirs and clothing! I say its the best as NONE of the other cities I went to had a market like this and I  regret not buying everything in this one! Trust me when I say this market is the BEST.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces 🌾

If you ever go to Bali you just gotta visit these rice terraces! So picture perfect and one of Bali’s most visited tourist attraction. There are many steps and a pathway to walk on within the fields which was really helpful to walk on, but I somehow managed to stick my foot in a HUGE PILE OF MUD which was nasty.

There were many restaurants along the steps of the rice terraces and it was so lovely to just sit and soak up the amazing view we were being surrounded by!


Thats all about Ubud from me guys! If I have missed out on anything or if you want to know some specific details just let me know!

Do keep an eye out for my next posts on Bali 👀


KIKO Milano – Haul/Review

After a much needed time off from – well, everything – Im back with a review of my new (FAV) makeup brand, KIKO MILANO! The brand has only recently come into Dubai and tbh, I’m so impressed with their products, quality and most importantly – the price!

I managed to pick up quite a bit of products over the last 2 months – if you follow me on instagram you would have seen my ‘haul’, and here I am with a full on review of everything! (almost everything..)

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


This is ONE hydrating foundation, its easily one of the best foundations I own. I’ve been reaching out to this one in particular so much because of how hydrating it is! The consistency makes it very easy to blend and it gives me medium coverage. As you can see the product is in a tube which makes it so much easier to control the amount of product needed and makes it travel friendly too! woo!

The product comes with a little pamphlet which explains the ingredients a lil bit more, so this foundation has aloe vera, glycerin and vitamin e too! HOW HYDRATING DOES THAT SOUND?

Its so light on the skin and its very very blendable and applies like a dream with both a sponge and a brush too. It retails for AED 35 (but I got it on sale for AED 25) – Bang for your buck or what?

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


So this lipstick promises to be really nourishing and comfortable on the lips. I picked up two – 914 Amaranth which is a berry sort of colour and 935 which is a shade of brown.

The lipsticks are of a satin/ slightly metallic finish which is nice and unique compared to the very popular mattes (which i’m also SO into, btw). It claims to be long lasting colour and it does live up to its claim as at the end of the day Im usually left with a very nice tint of the shade! I believe I got these lipsticks on sale at AED 17 each (if im not mistaken)

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


My GO-TO lip pencils at the moment. They are matte, full coverage, long lasting and most importantly – so very creamy! This is such an amazing product I would definitely recommend it and literally tell everyone I know to HEAD TO KIKO AND BUY IT!

I bought 3 shades – 705 which is a coral orange shade, 712 which is a pink mauve shade and 715 which is a very comfortable and wearable shade of purple! I got these on sale for AED 9 each and its quite possibly the best 9 bucks I’ve spent!

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


Last, but definitely not the least I got this BEAAAUUTTTIIFFFULLL bronzer! I got the shade Couture Sienna, the darkest shade. I really love this bronzer because it suits my skintone quite nicely and blends like a dream!

It has a very soft and velvety texture and the colour is very easily buildable, most probably because the formula is enriched with petal extracts. The lighter shade is to add some radiance and glow to the look, but for the most part, the bronzer is pretty matte – which I love!

Lets take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this packaging! It was designed by designer Ross Lovegrove, who was inspired by Black velvet! I JUST LOVE THE MATTE BLACK FINISH! How gorgeous?!

I was super lucky enough to get this product on sale for AED 49, which was so beyond worth every penny because of the quality of the product! So in love with it all!

And thats the end of my little haul/review of what I’ve recently bought from KIKO Milano. Im definitely going to be trying more stuff out (Im already eyeing a couple of things muahaha)! Hope I’ve made you want to go try this brand out (its so worth it, thank me later!)