Wishlist IV

wishlist 4

So after a month of constant assignments and my dissertation, im back again with a wishlist! This wishlist was a sudden decision and my blog post line up did NOT include one of these. But come to think of it, it is quite convenient of me to put this up considering my birthday is right around the corner! *hint hint*

This, by no way is my birthday wishlist. Just some of the stuff I’ve been eyeing lately to get for my holiday this summer!

iPhone 6S – we could probably have a full on conversation about the things that my current phone has gone through this past year or two! I have been eyeing the 6s for a long time now and would love to get my hands on it!

Brown leather sandals – I have been into the whole brown leather scene lately and really want a pair of brown sandals! I’m not that specific on the design, although the one on the picture looks perfffffectttt! Brown sandals in general would look great with either a really casual or dressy outfit which is why I want it, so I can obsessively wear that one pair of sandals with everything and be known as that person!

Valentino Mini Green Rockstud Shoulder Bag – I’ve been into shoulder bags for a long time now and been eyeing valentino’s for about a million years. How beautiful does that bag look? I love the size, the colour, the strap and don’t even get me started on that gold detailing! I LOVE THEIR ROCKSTUD PIECES

Givenchy Women’s Antigona Medium Duffel – I really really really want to buy myself a brown leather bag and I want the shape to be sturdy and big with a long and short strap. Although the Givenchy would be amazing, I only put it up because its very similar to what I want to get. PS. The shade is called ‘BROWN SUGAR’ – an even bigger reason to get it, right?

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Im obviously way beyond the last person on the wagon here but ever since they discontinued my favourite foundation in the world, I’ve been on the lookout for new ones and this one keeps catching my eye!

Inglot Gel Eyeliner – I have officially RUN out of black eyeliner. It is hard guys, life is hard. I am on the lookout for a liquid and a gel eyeliner and Im kind of leaning towards this inglot one right now because it is apparently super black and my favourite word ever, super matte!

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Set – the amount of looks I can pull out with this eyeshadow quad is like a million, but CT is still unavailable in Dubai which is so unfair! This is the perfect size for travel as well and the shades seem perfect for tanned girls like moi!

Too Faced Semi-sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette – Another palette that I just need in my life right now. I love the shades so much and I JUST WANT A NEW EYESHADOW PALETTE OKAY? I DON’T HAVE ONE WITH THESE SHADES which justifies why I need to buy this palette. Okay?

#12. Book Review: Not Without My Daughter


So I’ve been quite MIA lately, and by lately i mean a month, or more than that – don’t judge me i have university duties to fulfil in life.

Ive been reading a lot of book review posts sorta things on the internet world lately and I’ve been having this urge to do one myself so i thought WHY NOTTTTT (ya feel me bro?).

Ive always loved reading non-fiction books, it just gives me that goose bump-ish sorta feeling and i sometimes just pause for a second and think ‘woah that actually happened to someone’, though I do enjoy reading a fair share of fiction books, reading non-fiction books just gives me a whole other feeling.

Even if it makes me think about how people have such interesting and dramatic lives and I’m just sitting her like a potato, yup.

So today, as i procrastinate in the library with my huge pile of essays staring into my soul, i choose to talk to you about one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read, ever. And id like to think of myself as having read a ton of non-fiction books k?


Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody.

(couldn’t find a picture of better quality, its quite old)

The book is based on the author’s experiences in 1984–86 when Betty Mahmoody’s husband took his wife and daughter to meet his family in Iran. He claims that his Iranian family wanted to meet his wife and daughter and asks them to join him for a two week visit. So, despite how Betty actually felt about Iran – she agrees to go. 

So they arrive in Tehran, and Betty’s husband tells her that he wants to stay in Iran for good. Betty was lied to by her husband even though he promised they would return back to America. Her husband becomes abusive, prevents her from leaving the house and takes away her telephone privileges. She was literally stuck in Iran with no where to do and in addition to that being married to an Iranian made her a citizen of the country, and that means she doesn’t have parental rights over her daughter.

The story goes on from here, and its basically about her journey back to the US, its very interesting really! 

I remember being glued to this book one summer in Sri Lanka. The book was given to me by a cousin and the booked looked like it had been through hell and more (all ripped up and everything); isn’t that how you know its a great book though?

Im not quite sure but i think there was a movie based on this book as well, let me know if you’ve watched it or heard of it or something! I hope this post interests you in any way – its my first post on a book so like you know bake me cookies or something.

Thanks a bunch for reading! 

– Daania x