Travel Diary ✈️ – Bali Indonesia – Canggu & Seminyak Edition🌴

Back with the 2nd edition of my Bali Travel Posts – The first half of our trip was entirely in Ubud so click here to check out the post on Ubud and here’s all about the rest of our trip in Kuta, Canggu and Seminyak! 😄

It took us a second to realise how fast paced and crazy Kuta was the minute we drove into it. Busy streets and a huge array of tiny souvenir street shops takes over the entire street of Kuta (bangkok vibes). Kuta was full of shopping malls full of the same stores and restaurants we get in Dubai, so safe to say, we weren’t as impressed as thats what we wanted to GET AWAY from. Luckily, there were plenty of authentic balinese restaurants and amazing spas that made it worthwhile at night time. 👻

Since there wasn’t much that interested us in Kuta during the day, we managed to scoot our way to canggu and seminyak nearly everyday!🏍 And let me just say, it was beyond me!


The drive from Kuta to Canggu took us around 25 minutes but we didn’t really feel the distance as much as we were skipping a lot of traffic being on the scooter. To me, Canggu is a very green surf town – with the best of both worlds, the ocean and the lush green fields. Full of beautiful graffiti and little cafe’s, Canggu surely gave us a unique experience.




After Ubud, Seminyak is definitely my favourite town! Bohemian beaches and streets full of cute little cafe’s and stores is what I live for! We had a LOT of breakfasts in Seminyak and were never disappointed! My most fave thing in Seminyak is the super colourful bohemian beach cafe’s.

Lounging on beanbags with mojitos and the most beautiful sunsets is exactly what you get in Seminyak and I could not be happier! 😍


Thats all from me on Canggu and Seminyak guys! Do keep a lookout for my final travel post on Bali soooon!