Aisle Style x DaaniaF👗

Hi everyone! welcome to my 100TH BLOG POST! 🎉

Im back with another collaborated post from Aisle Style , BUT, this time around its all about their gorgeous prom dresses! 👗

If you didn’t know, Aisle Style is a one stop shop for all types of dresses be it a wedding, prom or bridesmaid dresses – you name it! They’ve got a huge variety of prom dresses this time round so I thought why not share my favourite ones with you guys 😁

Their collection of 2017 prom dresses have a huge variety of different coloured chiffon dresses with beautiful lace and beaded designs. Whats great is that they custom make the dresses to any fabric and colour you prefer and they’ll ship it right to you ☺️


They’ve also got a huge variety of short prom dresses as well, if thats what you’re into. I found this beautiful A-line knee length dress and I just had to share a picture of it. Can you tell that Im really into lace right now? This, also, can be made into any colour and size you prefer 😍 Wouldn’t it look great in an olive green or burgundy? 😍😍


If you’re on a bit of a budget, not to worry, as they have some cheaper prom dress options as well, such as the one below. The website has an option to select the price range as well 💰499751bd9af45793e9463f7b2bc54abc.500x750.image

My favourite thing about this website is how versatile their options are as its all custom made to your own preference. Id definitely recommend this website for anyone who’s in the market for a special dress! ☺️

Do click here to check out their website! 👗



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