Travel Diary – The Seychelles Part 1

Just in case you don’t follow me on my social media (basically, Instagram) I’ve got the biggest announcement of my life.


yeah, thats it no biggie just something life changing

And my husband and I chose The Seychelles Islands as our getaway location. We were there for 5 days and boy was it a much needed vacation! The most perfect location.

I thought of just sharing a bit of our trip on here because why not? (photography IS one of my hobbies and I had so much fun capturing the beautiful country. This post comprises a a few pictures from our first 3 days.

As our trip was 5 days long we decided to stay on Mahe Island for the whole trip. Mahe is the main island of Seychelles in case you weren’t aware..

Day 1 – airport and arriving on Mahe

Easily the most tiring flight of our lives after a week of crazy wedding parties and what not. Didn’t really take many pictures on this day except for our crazy delicious airport breakfast and the Mahe International Airport, which by the way felt like a house. Landing on the runway was the most unique in the world as all we could see was the blue ocean and the landing strip was in the middle of it. Beautiful!

We didn’t do much on our first day there because we were dead tired and wanted to recharge our batteries! We stayed at Eden Bleu Hotel on Eden Island for our first 3 days.

Day 2 – Beau Vallon Beach

After going crazy at the delicious breakfast buffet we took the hotel’s shuttle to the Beau Vallon Bay. I cant even explain how beautiful that beach was, easily the most beautiful ocean we’ve both ever seen.

It was my first time seeing and swimming in water that clear and blue, we couldn’t believe our eyes!

IMG_1877IMG_1903IMG_1898IMG_1900IMG_1904IMG_1931IMG_1932IMG_1926IMG_1937 copy

Day 3 – Explored the Island

Everyone recommended exploring the island by renting a car so thats what exactly what we did. We spent an entire day driving around Mahe and discovering untouched beaches. The excitement and joy that it brought us was inexplainable!


Hope you enjoyed my first ever travel diary, hopefully more to come!

This is just part 1 of my Seychelles trip, part 2 is yet to come. Filtering through images is taking a bit of time. Though I love the images that I took, in all honesty, they do no justice to the actual beauty of the country.


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