Boots skincare haul & review ๐Ÿ’•

First off, Ramadan Kareem to everyone fasting this month!

I sure love my walks through Boots, and when they’ve got their special ‘buy one get one free’ offers going on I could literally spend hours in there. Just wanted to show ya’ll what I got and what I think of some of these products so far – do note that out of the 4 products I’ve got, I only paid for 2 of them because of their amazing deal!

All the products I purchased were from the boots simply sensitive skincare line as I was in need for some good skincare, starting off –ย hydrating eye cream with aloe vera


This is a great product for just hydrating the under eye area, I suffer from dry sensitive skin so this cream has worked really well in keeping my skin hydrated and healthy looking, however, it has done nothing for my dark circles. I believe this was AED 20ish.

I have never really had great luck with eye creams in the past and I was so close to getting the Kiehls avocado eyecream as from what I’ve tested, the formula seems ammaaazzinnggggg! But since I saw this eye cream I decided to give this a last shot.

My skin has not reacted badly to this cream hence I will continue to use it, and once its over Im going to dive into the Kiehls one – for sure!


Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturiser with sooting aloe vera

I decided to give this one a shot because I was in the lookout for a new face moisturiser. I really like this stuff because its really hydrating, contains SPF and has no fragrance and all that nasty stuff. As my skin is quite on the sensitive side, I’ve noticed that products with no fragrance seem to work better on me. ย This has a thick consistency, but sinks into the skin really easily and leaves my skin feeling well hydrated – that aloe vera is gooood

One thing I do hate about this product though is the packaging, I would much prefer a pump with my moisturisers and not a bottle.. it gets a bit annoying! (just my personal preference). This was for AED 23


Simply Sensitive Micellar Water with aloe vera & Simply Sensitive Foaming Cleansing Washย 

I ran out of my usual Garnier Micellar Water and was in the market for a new one because the price of the garnier one just shot up the roof and I aint fallin for that!

This Micellar water was only AED 20, and works just as good as any other Micellar Water I’ve tried. Im definitely going to repurchase this stuff as it does a great job at removing anything thats on my skin leaving me feeling super refreshed! (thank you aloe vera)

Moving onto the Foaming Cleansing Wash – Im yet to give this stuff a try! Im currently finishing a cleanser so once that’s done this ones right up that alley. This face wash has great reviews online and HAS A PUMP. I’ve never given a foaming face cleanser a try due to my dry skin but Im quite excited to give this a shot as its got aloe vera and is made for sensitive skin – will report back on this cleanser!

Thats about it for my skincare haul/review! Hope ya’ll are going great.


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