The Joy of Clean Makeup Brushes

Back at the blogging again, this time with no worries about exams and assignments because I’ve officially finished my undergrad degree! YES IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Four long years of university are long gone and Im back with a post on how I clean my makeup brushes.

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Everyone knows how gross it is to use dirty makeup brushes and about all the bacteria that gets stuck in it, everyone also knows about how lazy we can get to wash makeup brushes. Thats where I was stuck for a long time procrastinating the makeup brush washing regime – UNTIL I DISCOVERED THIS GEM OF A TOOL YEAH KEEP READING

If you own a good handful of makeup brushes, you probably know about the ‘brush cleaning tool/glove’ that many companies have begun to sell as of lately, however, my wallet and brain were never really up for spending the money that I could use to buy more brushes/makeup on a glove??

On my trip to the mall last weekend, I saw this silicon mat used for hot pots – sounds odd, but go with me here. Its a square piece of silicone with ridges etc, used for kitchen utensils. Lets not start with the kitchen uses for this ‘thing’ lets just move onto the makeup cleaning

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The texture of it is quite similar to the ‘glove’ and it literally cleaned my brushes LIKE A DREAM. Heres what I did, I wet my brushes with water and put the ‘mat’ into the sink, added some water on top of it as well and a little dollop of anti bacterial dishwashing liquid, swished the brush around and stood there in awe of all the makeup getting RIGHT off the brush.

Rinsed with clean water again and left it to dry in the sun.

Voila, clean brushes.

I bought it from DAISO for AED 9 – um what a bargain?

I also have a method of cleaning makeup sponges, let me know if you want to see how I do that!


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