Winter Necessities!

Hello everybody, I know I have not updated my blog in over a month but as always, life takes a toll on ya and I just got done with my finals around 2 days ago. I needed a break, from it all!

The colder weather has dawned upon us now and the (lovely) gloomy weather inspired me to write a post on MY winter necessities – beauty, makeup, food and lifestyle related, of course.

Starting off with my beauty necessities.

What does the winter bring us besides dry dull skin? I feel like its so important to get my moisturising game on especially when it is colder. What I love using the most are the body butters and hand creams by The Body Shop, you can never go wrong with TBS!

Also, let me just take a moment to put this lip balm out there. It is a jojoba oil lip balm by Crabtree and Evelyn! It feels amazing and does an amazing job, Im so glad I (somehow) managed to get my hands on this stuff!


Im all about that wear any colour of lipstick whenever you want to, but lets face it what better time to break out all your dark lipsticks besides the winter? I can never go wrong with my Rimmel 107 and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Raffinee!

I also love going all out with blush and highlighter. My favorite blush for the season is definitely Mocha by NYX and I love using my Benefit Watts Up highlighter too. (PS, has anyone seen the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters? THEY LOOK AMAZING!)


Winter definitely brings in the cozy stay in bed, fuzzy socks and blanket mood, what sounds more perfect than having a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows (obviously) or some really cheesy pasta (or pizza!)? I make the yummiest pasta ever and I would love to share my recipe on here if you want that, it is not healthy at all though.

Winter in dubai mainly means going to the desert and having a barbecue. And eeeeeveryone knows that Im the girl who brings the smores to the party. If you’d like to see that too, I would love to share it! I LOVE SMORES!


Aint nothing better than listening to Adele and being snuggled in bed in this gloomy weather, really. I love taking this time to just unwind and completely relax myself in my winter break. Theres so much joy twinkle lights bring.

I also like to go out and about checking out the different fun activities thats on around Dubai this time of year. My personal favourite has got to be Global Village and also the different wintery displays that almost all malls have.

What are your winter necessities? 


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