Miniature Favourites

IMG_0295 copy

Can you believe that October is almost over? This year has definitely flown on by so quickly! Here are my most loved products that I’ve used this October – that just happened to be tiny.

IMG_0297Optrex Eye Drops

I am an occasional contact lens wearer and tend to use a whole lot of eyedrops just to avoid getting my eyes feeling dry. This tiny bottle of eyedrops has lasted me all summer and its still going strong! Only costing about AED 15 it does a great job at refreshing and cleaning out my eyeballs *cringe here*

IMG_0301The Body Shop Tea Tree Oilย 

This is a gem in my beauty routine. I love using this product so much! It works so well to make those pesky breakouts disappear. Its a very tiny bottle which is great to travel with and it only costs AED 35 – which is a win! I do have dry skin so I make sure I use this only when I really need to!

IMG_0299The Body Shop Shea Lip Butterย 

A great lip treatment to use before bedtime. I love shea and I think it works so well with my skin, as the weather is beginning to change I kind of have to brace myself with all kinds of extra moisturising products to make my skin survive – this also includes saving my lips from getting dry and chappy! This is basically a very thick cream which sinks right through when applied on the lips. If Im not mistaken, this product costs about AED 29.

IMG_0302Dalan d’Olive Olive Oil Moisturising Cream

This is my absolute favourite of the month! If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you would probably know that I am a huge junkie for hand creams! This stuff right here is so moisturising and smells SO GOOD! It is not greasy at all, the product sinks right in leaving my hands feel super soft almost instantly!

And the best part is that it costed me AED 2.50. Yeah thats right!


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