Thursday // at the minute

So after feeling extra inspired by posts of this nature Ive finally decided to give it a go too!

(Kudos to the lovely blogger mae!)

Thursdays are when the weekend begins down here in the UAE. Its a lovely feeling coming back home from uni on a thursday – obviously.  So what was my thursday like? I had class from 12 – 3pm and thats basically half my day gone. I honestly feel like a 2000 year old grandma because Im such a homebody! I look forward to the days where I get to be lazy and stay in my pjs forever, basically.


No leisure reading at the moment, but I am reading (trying to) some lesson plans for the week ahead! Fourth year of university is hella stressful man.


Rita Ora – Poison; I honestly feel like I have a new found love for Rita Ora after seeing her as a judge on The X Factor, which btw I AM LOVING. She’s amazing!


A TO-DO List for tomorrow morning!


SO MANY SHOWS RIGHT NOW – but specifically loving the x factor, blindspot and modern family!


Currently burning a bath and body candle called blue skies, and spritzed some of my favourite fuji green tea perfume on myself, obviously.


Too many things yo


This song called budapest! It is everything.


Anxious, as always.


Dinner please! My dad brought me some burger king and Im yet to dig into it.


My favourite disney onesie!!

Hoping & Wishing

For everyone stuck in hardships to have life easier and for the next couple of months of my life to be smooth and less stressful

I would love to know your thoughts on posts like this, do let me know!


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