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I know I know, Ive been posting a hell of a lot of blog posts lately, but its just because Ive been feeling incredibly inspired to do more on here! So since my last two posts were on product reviews I thought why not share what Ive been loving lately!  So whats on my radar? Now these are just some of the things that has caught my eye lately and stuff that I would love to try out!

iPhone 6s – Now, if you know me you’d probably know that I am a huge apple person. I’ve been a true apple consumer since I was like 13 and got my first ipod. As soon as they launched the new iphones the only thing that caught my eye is the beautiful rose gold colour, like how is it not the most beautiful sleek phone in the world?

Kat Von D Tatoo Liner – Hallelujah for KVD products being sold in Dubai now. Unfortunately, I’m yet to check out her collection in sephora but when I do I think I just might splurge on that tattoo eyeliner. Ive heard so much about it and I need to get my hands on it to see what all the rave is about!

H&M Powder Blush – If you havent checked out H&M’s new beauty line, just click on this link right now and get right to it. MAN THEIR NEW LINE IS AMAZING. The packaging is beautiful and Im almost certain their products are going to be just as good (because they’ve doubled the prices from how much their makeup used to be!). If I could get my hands on ALL their new makeup, I surely would! Okay moving on to the actual product – the blush! They have a whole new look to them and I would love to try out this shade. Im not quite sure what the name of this shade is, but isnt it beautiful?

Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearls Illuminator – This highlighter is in the form of multicoloured pearls and promises to give the most beautiful glow! I dont know what else you need to complete a look right now other than a lovely illuminating highlighter! Look at the packaging too, so luxurious!

NARS Laguna Illuminator – Still on that illuminator/highlighter grind – this product by NARS is a light reflecting liquid. Its meant to be used either on its own as a highlighter, all over the fact or even mixed in with foundation. I would love to try this in the shade laguna as I feel it would give my dull tan skin a lovely sun kissed glooooow!

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch – If im not mistaken, I think this may have been featured in another blog post of mine, oopsie! But I still want to check this one out though. Im yet to check this watch out in person, but I feel like I would get a lot of use out of this really simple black and gold watch. (IF I MANAGE TO BUY IT THAT IS)! Still a beautiful piece 🙂

NARS Lipstick in Ingrid – After watching Ingrid Nilsen’s latest youtube video where she featured this product, I just fell in love with the shade. As she mentioned, it has the perfect balance of purple and red which not many brands get right. I would love to give this shade a try, I love dark colours!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Bond Girl – Now this lipstick is one beautiful shade. Unfortunately, CT is unavailable to in stores in Dubai but oh how I wish it was! This shade is just so beautiful and seems to be flattering on both fair and deep skin toned girls! CHARLOTTE TILBURY, DUBAI NEEDS YOU!


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