Contour stick and Concealer set – #bangforthebuck!

WARNING : Grubby Packaging Alertย 

Even though I don’t do major contouring on the daily I do get sucked into the instagram world and end up watching like a gajillion videos on contouring and colour correcting!

This only made me want to buy all these cream contouring products but its obviously not so great on the wallet. There are a huge number of brands that offer these cream contouring kits and sticks of different shapes and sizes – high end as well as drugstore. I was meaning to get myself one of the Maybelline Stick Foundations for contouring but it was AED 60 so I was kind of on and off that idea.

AED 60 might not be a lot, but for a product that I know Im BARELY going to get any use out of, I was not up for getting it. However, I paid a visit to DRAGON MART in Dubai one day and popped into a random makeup store and found just what I wanted!


They had a HUGE range of foundation sticks as well as a tiny little concealer set. The brand is known as ‘Character’ and it says that it is Artist and Saloon Make-up. To be completely honest with you, I dont know if this is just a knock off or if this is an actual ‘brand’ but I bought it anyway because Im just using this for contouring and colour correcting anyway!


These are the two products I purchased. The foundation stick costed me AED 35 and contains a good amount of product. This ones much bigger than the Maybelline one for sure! Its extremely blendable and buildable too. I would definitely recommend getting this product if you’re in the market for a foundation stick for contouring purposes, you definitely get a bang for your buck!

I got it in the shade CA08 and though it does look insanely dark, its extremely blendable and suits my skintone pretty well. I dont contour on the daily anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚


The second product I got is the ‘5 Colour Camouflage Concealer’. They did have two types but I got this one because I wanted the green shade! As you can tell I DO use this stuff pretty often, mainly the two shades in the middle and the green one. I mix the two middle shades to colour correct underneath my eyes and the green one to cancel out the redness!

It does work like a charm in cancelling out colours and blends really well! The product itself is very creamy but does crease a little under the eyes. This product costed me AED 25 ONLY.

The cons for both the product has to be their packaging. Maaaan I wish they had better quality packaging! The text from the foundation stick got completely rubbed off, and the lid for the concealer have a couple of cracks here and there. I would give the quality of both the products a big 5/5 but the packaging a 2/5.

Im looking forward to going back to dragon mart again to get myself some more makeup products to try out! Im thinking about getting myself some eyebrow makeup and brushes muahaha!

Thanks for reading todays post! Hope you enjoyed ittt!


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