Spa Ceylon HAUL


I know I know, I haven’t posted anything on here for the past month! I was on holiday in Sri Lanka and could not find the time (or fast internet) to post anything anywhere. So Im back in Dubai now and somehow trying to get on my blogging track again!

So basically, I did NOT shop as much as I usually do in Sri Lanka this summer. I only managed to buy myself a couple of spa ayurveda products and just (5 minutes ago) decided to share what I got with ya’ll.

So SPA CEYLON is a luxury ayurveda brand that sell all kind of spa, bath and body products. This includes things like massaging oils and relaxers plus the usual body and face products too! All their products are paraben free, paraffin free, alcohol free, 100% vegetarian and against animal testing. All their products are made in Sri Lanka and they strongly promote sustainable harvesting. Now this is how you know their stuff is GOOD. So what did I get?

IMG_0217 IMG_0216Cardamom Rose Intensive Hand and Nail Cream

If you know me, you probably already know that I cannot survive without a good hand cream by me at all times. I use hand cream like its nobody’s business and am always on the lookout to trying new ones out! Just as I tried this hand cream out, I knew I had to have it! No it does not smell strongly of cardamom, the rose is definitely overpowering, but in the best way! I love the fragrance of this cream, its so calming and relaxing.

This cream contains vitamin-rich almond oils, soya, wheatgerm and virgin coconut oil for intense moisture and nourishment for dry hands. The Himalayan rose calms the skin and relaxes the senses whereas the organic ceylon cardamom works towards uplifting and clarifying the mind and body.

This box set comes with 2 tubes of hand cream, its packaged beautifully in a little pouch and costed  RS 1300 which is AED 35.

IMG_0214Peace Soothing Balm Roll On 

This stuff is just a balm roll on which works towards cooling, calming and soothing relief from stress, headaches and colds. It says that it helps improve overall health and wellbeing too!

I got this because I knew Im going to be facing a hell of a lot of stressful days after uni begins, and needed at least SOMETHING to help calm me down and get a good nights sleep!

IMG_0218 IMG_0219Aloe Vera Mint Exfoliating Bar

This seems to be a bar of soap with an exfoliating buffer merged into it sorta. Picked this up because I have never seen anything like this before! And it smells so refreshing, perfect for a quick pick me up 🙂

This costed me RS 450 which is literally only AED 12!

Thats about all the products I bought, but the lady at the store did give me some samples! (YAY SAMPLES)


Thanks for reading! 


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