Favourite Jewellery Pieces

So I was recently approached by a lovely person from a website called INVALUABLE asking if I would like to share a post on my favourite jewellery pieces, since I had never done a post on any sort of jewellery before – I just had to say a big yes right away!

When it comes to clothes and jewellery for me, I almost always stick to the simplest style! I have four favourite jewellery pieces, 2 of which I wear almost everyday, and 2 which I have on for special occasions. Starting off with the 2 I wear on an everyday basis..  IMG_4984

Im a HUGE watch girl. I love round chain watches so much! Unfortunately, I forgot the exact name and style of this watch, but its just a basic golden one by DKNY, I got this as a birthday present maybe 4 years ago and I still wear it every time I go out to this day!

Even though I have indeed bought a ton of watches since getting this one, this will always remain my favourite!


I love wearing a tiny dainty necklace all the time, Its just a habit that Ive recently grown with. My parents got me this a couple of years ago and this is what I love to wear most of the time, its made of gold and has the alphabet ‘D’ as a pendant. Right in the middle of the ‘D’ dangles a tiny diamond. This is my favourite part as it just completes the whole dainty and delicate look!  (Also, diamonds are my birthstone so yay)

Moving onto the jewellery I love wearing for special occasions!


My Michael Kors watch! Its a beautiful rose gold color and has a very detailed chain strap on it. I got this as a gift from my dad for my 20th birthday last year. Its very special to me and I know that the MK watches are made as only jewellery pieces, thus I dont wear it as often as the gold one!


This little dainty ring is my favourite and forever will be! My parents got it for me a couple of years ago and I wear it all the time. Its made of gold and has 21 diamonds embedded on it! Love wearing this delicate piece of jewellery!

So there you have it, my favourite pieces of jewellery and a little bit about them! Do check out the online auction site Invaluable and their lovely pieces of vintage jewellery for sale!


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