Toner it down yo


Toning my skin is one of the most important steps in my skincare routine, and finding the right toner is even more important! Whenever I find the perfect toner, I tend to stick to that one product till the end of time – until recently of course, when I discovered my toner game changer!

The Body Shop is my go-to place to get my skincare fixes (it should be yours too), their products are just amazing and work so well on me! I used to use their TEA TREE TONER for like years until I discovered this gem of a toner.

This toner is by none other than the body shop, and its their ‘Vitamin E Hydrating Toner’. Their vitamin E skincare range is one that I go back to over and over again, especially their day and night creams! If you’ve got dry or sensitive skin, that range is something I would definitely recommend time and time again.


This toner is for all skin types and is extremely hydrating. I don’t even know how to explain how hydrating this toner is! I use it twice a day, once after cleansing andย onceย before face creams. I prefer pressing it into my skin using my fingers, but I do use a cotton pad at times too.

Using this product instantly refreshes my skin and closes my pores. It makes my skin feel extra hydrated especially after a good scrub and cleanse! The toner itself is a very thin liquid with a light fragrance that thankfully does NOT linger. I have noticed a huge decrease in dry patches on my face after obsessively using this toner specifically! love love loooove it!

I got this 60ml bottle for literally AED 15, ONLY! I bought 2 bottles with me on holiday because I know I will finish this bottle up quick!


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