SPF Please

We all know how important sun protection is. Theres no hiding away from it unless you live in a cave in a rainforest. Which i’m pretty sure you probably don’t. Today’s post is just a little crash course on what Ive learnt about SPF and choosing the right one! PLUS a little review of the SPF Ive been LOVING lately.

What on earth does SPF even stand for? 

SPF = Sun Protection factor. Basically yeah, SPF 15 only means that it would take 15 times longer to damage your skin than having no sunscreen at all. Do you get what I mean?

Its said that SPF 15 is the most basic type and is enough for most people. But apparently, it now depends on the skin tone one has as well. Also, its very important to find the right SPF that suits your skin tone. You wouldn’t want something thats meant to protect you from something to cause breakouts now do ya?

okay I know I began this post like I had learnt a whole ton about SPF and all, but thats about it. Sorry not sorry. LOL, and now for the review.


This is the sunscreen I’ve been LOVING recently. Its by Hawaiian Tropic, and it is the Silk Hydration Face Lotion. This is the best face SPF Ive ever tried! First of all, the packaging is just perfect. Its plastic, which is great because it wont be destroyed if its falls off, and it has a pump which is cool because I can control how much product I exactly want.

The product itself is really nice too. Its lightweight and non-greasy! which is great if you have oily or combination skin. And it is an oil-free product. Although it is a face lotion and is very moisturising, I do tend to use my regular moisturiser over it most of the time. It has a light tropical scent which wears off with time. Thank god it doesnt linger!

All in all, its a really good SPF and costs about AED 20 onlyyyy!


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