My Travel Makeup and In-flight Beauty Necessities!

So I had an amazing flight to Sri Lanka yesterday and decided to share my makeup routine and ย in flight beauty needs on the blog today! My flight to SL was the best, got upgraded and had a very very comfortable trip ๐Ÿ™‚

Since the flight to SL is only about 4 hours long I didn’t feel the need to NOT wear makeup as people do when they have long flights. My makeup was very light though, I made sure to not use a whole lot of products because I had to carry them with me in my little backpack.

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My base consisted of a hell lot of moisturiser, because airplane air is just so drying for life? I used Gorgeous by Lush, its very moisturising but not thick, goopy and oily at all. I then followed up with the Tea Tree BB Cream by The Body Shop all over my face.

For under the eyes I used the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (This ones almost over but fear not – I have a brand new one, phew!) and some of the Garnier Roll On. The MAC concealer lasts so long and sets beautifully without ever making me feel like I have make up on which is perfect for travelling and the Garnier one gives me a good highlight and has a very thin consistency.

I then set everything using the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder!

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The products used on the rest of my face was first the H&M Blusher in Dazzling Pink, some of the Dior Color Reviver Lip Balm and the Rimmel Lip Stain. I then filled my eyebrows in and put a good coat of mascara, I used a sample of the YSL Shocking Mascara. Its such a lovely mascara!

That was about it for makeup. As I said earlier, I wasn’t aiming for a full coverage look at all, I just wanted a fresh faced natural ish look. This may seem like a LOT of makeup for some people but this was just what I was comfortable for travel ๐Ÿ™‚ You dont even have to wear makeup if you don’t want to bru’h.

Moving onto my Inflight Beauty Necessities now. There are a couple of beauty staples that I feel lost on a flight without. I cannot imagine taking a trip somewhere and not having these products with me!

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First comes first, lets just take a minute to acknowledge how DRY the air inside a flight is and what is does to our skin. Okay minutes up.

Since my skin is already quite on the dry side, traveling by flight only makes it even more dry. I can literally FEEL the dryness on my lips and skin, its quite unpleasant. First thing first, LIP BALM. I love using the Carmex one because of its mintiness and how it tingles and soothes my lips at the same time. It may not be for all people but its definitely something I LOVE in lipbalms!

Second, MOISTURISING CREAMS. I use The Body Shop Hand Cream in Moringa for my hands obviously, and sometimes my arms. And the PINK Sweet and Flirty Moisturising Hand and Body Cream for my feet. Yes I shamelessly moisturised my feet. Usually, I wear my sneakers while travelling but since Ive been rather obsessed with my birks lately I wore that yesterday and my feet needed some moisturising hahaha, dont worry nobody saw me do it.

Lastly, ROSE WATER. I poured some rose water in a little spray bottle I found and used it to spritz up my face! Since I had makeup on, I obviously didnt want to wipe it all off to moisturise my face so I just sprayed some rose water on my skin to instantly hydrate it! Feels super refreshing and hydrating!

For those of ya’ll who dont know, I use rose water a lot on my skin and it plays a huge role in my beauty routine. But more on that for the posts to come.

And thats about it! Hope ya’ll are having a good summer so far. Mine kinda began just yesterday as I landed in Sri Lanka. Im in my house in Kandy now and sitting on my comfy lazy couch listening to the birds sing! Truly blissful



2 thoughts on “My Travel Makeup and In-flight Beauty Necessities!

  1. lecamillera says:

    Sri lanka is truly a paradise and the food is just amazing! I haven’t been there but seeing upon my Sri Lankan friend’s photos, i will definitely visit someday.
    And i love to use rose water too! I use it as a toner and refreshing spray. It’s one of the best gift earth can give us. Love love love โค

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