Frank Body Scrub


I love a good scrub a dub dub for my body. I’ve been testing out two for the past couple of weeks and decided to share my thoughts on the first; FRANK BODY SCRUB.

This scrub was quite the talk of the blogging town for a while now, gotta admit Im late on that bandwagon. BUT STILL SHARING MY THOUGHTS ON IT ๐Ÿ™‚

So as you may already know, or not.ย The main ingredient for this scrub is coffeeeeee! There are many other ingredients in this scrub as well such as cocoa, orange, peppermint, honey and a whole bunch of oils! This is all natural and contains no icky parabens and sulphates. The caffeine in the scrub helps stimulate blood flow which in turn helps in the reduction of scars, eczema and various other skin conditions. The caffeine also helps waking you up and making your skin feel great too!

The scrub itself is a deep brown colour because of the coffee obviously, and smells of COFFEE -DUH, and orange! Which is quite nice I must say. A little really does go a long way, 1 tablespoon and a half is enough for my entire body, FOR REALSIES! (ok what did I just say). I basically just scrub a dub dub in little circles all over, mainly focusing on my problem areas like scars and such.

So you know how for any regular body scrub you just rinse everything off once you’re done well, scrubbing? The frank scrub is meant to be left on the skin for about 5-10 minutes just so it can work its magic and let the goodness sink into the skin. I occasionally use it on my face as well.

So I do that too, and then wash it all off. One thing you must know if you’re interested in this product is that your bathtub will be a MESS. The little coffee grains get EVERYWHERE, but it doesn’t kill so its okay. The scrub leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, which is obviously amazing. And, Ive been seeing real results too! SCARS BE FADING AWAY! Bye scars! (For quicker results it is recommended to use the scrub around 3-4 times a week!)

Frank offers a variety of products and they have different types of scrubs as well – peppermint, cocoa, coconut and the original one. I had to go for the original one! They also have body balms and moisturisers as well – I think. Im yet to try the other products out though.

I purchased this scrub for around AED 110 from Do click here to go to the frank body website, and check out their instagram account for many before and after pictures of using the scrub! I think its called thefrankeffect if im not mistaken.


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