10 Minute Makeup!

We all love hitting snooze in the morning! Sometimes blissful and sometimes it could be the worst decision in the world. Waking up with 10-15 minutes to get ready and out the door?


Yes, you can absolutely put your face on in 10 minutes. By all means, you do not HAVE to. But this is just for us girls who choose to (hollaaa)!

Lucky for you Im writing this post up sharing my 10 minute makeup routine. This has been my GO-TO routine for when I was going to uni and I’ve been wearing it often during the summer as well! Its a really easy look and can be changed up in anyway!



I like to start out with a good ol tinted moisturiser, I much prefer The Body Shop Tea Tree  Flawless BB Cream. Its super light and blends like a dream! I apply it using a brush as I find it to be much quicker that way! (I use the shade 02)

Next up, them horrid dark circles. First I go right underneath the eye using the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC eye cream .This gives me a light-medium coverage and its super thin and easy to apply. It also contains SPF and is extremely hydrating! (perfect for the summer). I then use the Maybelline FIT Me concealer to conceal them redness by the nose, and on blemishes etc.

The base usually takes me around 0-3 minutes to apply and I love using the Real Techniques Brushes to apply.

Once the base is applied you CAN set everything in with a powder but I havent been doing it as of lately in the summer as I kinda dig the dewy look! (I do set under my eyes though)




I dont know about you but I just CANNOT leave my house without filling my eyebrows in! It makes a world of a difference and just completes the look.

I use a MAC eyeshadow in the shade Brun to fill my eyebrows in basically. It takes me like a minute to fill my eyebrows in and thats about it really. Just basic eyeshadow for eyebrows I guess.



Who thinks about eyeliner when they got 10 minutes to get ready? NOT ME!

Although I love wearing eyeliner, sometimes I just cant! (Thats how often I oversleep, sry) Why take the chance to mess up a whole eyelook by rushing with the eyeliner? Take a step back and have a seat.

We dont have to wear eyeliner ALL THE TIME. Its okay to not wear eyeliner. Unless you’re Alex Vause of course.

For days I just absolutely DO NOT have the time for eyeliner, I go for a good application of mascara. I love using Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara (in black, obviously) because it makes my lashes look exceptionally long and volumnous! I do have other mascaras that I love using but hey nobody said you gotta be commited to one mascara only?

I like to take my pick from my little but lovely mascara collection. Takes me about 2 minutes for this step.




Next up: Blush!

Adding a flush of colour on the cheeks somehow pulls the whole look together, for me anyway. This summer, Ive been so into peach toned blushes! I feel like its such a pretty summer shade to wear on the cheeks. Especially if it has a subtle glow to it! OH MY GOD PERFECTION.

I’ve been particularly showing some love to my H&M Make Me Blush Blusher (in Dazzling Peach), its the perfect glowy peachy shade for my skin tone, and really pretty in the summer!

You could go in with a bronzer as well, but I usually cant be bothered if im in a rush!




Lip colour is always the cherry on top of a makeup look. Even though it isnt really on top?

I somehow always gravitate towards the tinted lip balms and natural lip sticks when im in a rush. Now, I gotta be honest, the products always change. But, these are the two I’ve been loving lately. The Maybelline Baby Lips Electro in the shade Strike a Rose has a lovely bright pink shade which is super easy to apply with no mirror (win!), I have to say, it is not the most moisturising, but the colour is pretty soooo.

The second product, is the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in the shade Rose Infinite. This is one of my favourites! The colour is super flattering and its quite moisturising as well. Dont even get me started with the packaging! ❤

Thats pretty much it for my makeup routine. I hope I helped you in any way!


2 thoughts on “10 Minute Makeup!

  1. Abeer says:

    What brush should one be using to apply foundation or bb cream.. is it bad that I just used my hands <.<
    And alsoo what powder do you recommend to set everything cause ive tried a few and they make my face look cakey..

    • daaniaf says:

      You can use your fingers, its fine. I just prefer using a brush because its more hygenic and easier for me. The rimmel stay matte powder is pretty good, or the MAC Mineralize Skin finish.

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