Blogs I’m Loving!

tumblr_npqtnijDVL1rzs2lno1_1280In case you havent noticed, I have changed the entire look of my blog. AND IM LOVING IT! I love the way it looks, the font, and everything. Thank you wordpress, thank you. This new look has motivated and inspired me to post on here so much more than I ever did before! (curious to see how far I go with this)

Anyway, I’ve been spending a whole lot more of my life on bloglovin’ lately (you should follow me on there if you havent already, just saying) and been having an itching need to share a few of the blogs that I’ve been obsessed with reading! It could possibly be a monthly thing, POSSIBLY.

x Beautezine xย

A website on all things beauty related. This website is my portal to finding out about all the new makeup releases! Do be warned though, you might end up dreaming and craving more makeup. Sigh, Charlotte Tillbury.

x Career Girl Daily xย

A super inspiring website dedicated to empowering women all over the world. Lots of career and beauty tips and tricks on here! Definitely a good read ๐Ÿ™‚

x Into The Gloss xย

All things beauty in a really fun, magazine kinda way. My favourite posts are their interviews!

Im aware these websites are not mere ‘blogs’, but these have been the websites that I’ve mostly been spending my time on lately. I obviously read blogs too, but perhaps Ill share some of those in the posts to come!

Have you been loving any blogs lately?ย 

(Photo credits: Tumblr)



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