Almond Oil

With the harsh weather conditions and multiple environments our skin is exposed to comes along the hunt for the perfect skincare gem to ensure our skin is being equally loved and taken care of.

My skin as of lately has been a little dull and dry but truth be told, almond oil has literally transformed it! NO KIDDINGGGG.

Almond Oil has so many amazing benefits for the skin and hair – I haven’t used it on my hair so this post will mostly be dedicated to skincare okay 🙂 (coconut oil always wins for hair tho)

So, what in the world do I do with almond oil? 

I use it as a facial massage oil before my daily skin care routine. I use it at least once daily – either before my morning routine (although mornings dont exist for me anymore because summer holla) or before my nightly facial cleanse. I use the tiniest amount and warm it up between my palms and then massage away. I make sure to gently apply some to my lashes too!

When Im done with that, I either use a flannel or just go in with my cleanser to get the oil off my face. My skin literally feels extremely soft right after. I definitely saw a decrease in dryness on my skin and I feel like it has slightly, SLIGHTLY reduced the appearance of my dark circles, again, just slightly.

At times, when I forget to include the oil in my cleansing routine, I make sure that I at least use it as a moisturiser before I hit the sack! Literally like 2 drops will do – I definitely do not drown my face in oil. I can honestly share the fact that I can feel a huge difference in the texture and state of my skin after using almond oil for the past few weeks now, and I will continue to use this stuff.

Its definitely on the affordable end, the kind I use is the ‘Bells Almond Oil’ and its available in so many supermarkets for about AED 7 if im not mistaken. Its definitely below AED 10 though 🙂

So why is almond oil amazing?

Well, Almond oil contains a whole lot of vitamins like A, B and E – which are all amaze for skin health. The oil is so easily absorbed so you don’t have to worry about an annoying oily layer on your skin at all. Almond Oil is said to help retain skin glow, cure irritations, keep moisture levels in tact, nourish skin and cure chapped lips!

Thats a whole lot of goodness.

Another hidden benefit of it is that it helps delay signs of skin ageing WHICH IS A WIN WIN WIN Because nobody wants their skin to age. We all want healthy supple skin don’t we? Well, I do anyway. Almond oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (yes please!)

Get to your nearest supermarket and get yourself some almond oil yo. Treat your skin to a weekend facial pamper! Use it as a massage oil, moisturiser, mask or even a scrub. Incorporate it in any way you want. Just give it a go 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog and reaching the end! Haha, I truly appreciate it 🙂 Hopefully will be coming through with tons more blog posts and maybe even some youtube videos. Do click here to check out my youtube channel if you’re interested as Im aiming on being more active on there too 🙂 


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