The Body Shop – Nutriganics Drops of Youth

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetAnd Im back with a review after what feels like a decade!  Yet again, the education system got the best of me and I was under a huge pile of coursework until yesterday, luckily, Im currently on my spring break 😀

Anyways, Ive been using this product for a couple of weeks now and thought why not share my thoughts of it on here for ya’ll.

This isn’t a serum or a moisturiser but a ‘concentrate’. 99% of the ingredients are said to be organic, and it is meant to enhance surface skin condition by leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.

It is an anti-aging product, and if you’re thinking *WHY ANTI-AGING YOU’RE LIKE 20*, anti-aging products work best when used during the early 20’s. Also, its quite irrational to think you can diminish wrinkles and age spots when you’re like 50.. right?

So from this product, unfortunately, I see no long term results. I feel like it makes my skin feel smooth and fresh when I use it constantly, and when I dont its just meh? You know what I mean?

Its something I have to keep using daily daily daily without fail in order to see actual longterm results, and Im quite lazy and forgetful sometimes so I havent actually used it twice daily in the past 4-5 weeks.

The consistency of the product however is quite nice, it seems to be sticky but it really isnt once applied to the face. I like the packaging of it but I despise the plunger it comes with because sometimes it barely sucks the product in! Its just so annoying.

I use about 2 drops for my face and neck, and attempt to use it twice daily. The results I see right after application is just amazing! My skin feels so unbelievably smooth, fresh and soft. I just love it. But I would love it more if the results lasted, by the looks of it though, the results only last with continuous usage.

The product costs a little over AED 100 I think, and Im not convinced whether its worth it or not. Im still going to keep using it though, cant just throw it away now can I?

Would I recommend this product? Hmm, Im not too sure. If you’ve got the extra money and happy to try something new – why not. But there ARE better products out there, maybe not in a form of a ‘concentrate’ but I’ve definitely read some amazing reviews on various serums, so DO your research!

Thats about it for now, thanks for reading! ❤


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