OOTN – The Dubai Mall

[OOTN – Outfit Of The Night]

My first ever ‘fashion’ post! Im definitely not a fashionista, but I do enjoy reading fashion blogs and OOTN’s so I thought why not.

I went to The Dubai Mall with my parents last night because well, it is the Dubai Shopping Festival which means sales literally everywhere, and we love our shopping!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 2.08.34 AMI love my comfy casual clothing and I love wearing dark colours. Wearing this top yesterday was so out of my comfort zone because of how bright coloured it is!

So this is a breakdown of some of the thingsย I was wearing.

Top –ย Pull and Bear – AED 55 (on sale)ย 

Very comfy and cozy, I love everything about it! Perfect for the weird weather in Dubai right now and can be worn all casual with jeans or dressed up all nice with a necklace ๐Ÿ˜€

Jeans ย –ย New Look – AED 145ย (Pale Blue Fadedย Skinny Jeans)

In my opinion, the jeans from New Look fit me best and thats why I love them so much! I now own 2 pairs by them and I really do wear them to death. Sometimes even overwear them tbh. This is their ‘Skinny’ line but they do have a whole lot more like super skinny, boyfriend, bootcut and highwaisted.

Scarf – Sharjah Blue Souq – AED 20 (yes, 20)

I love my black scarfs and I definitely do overwear them. I was once at a point in my life where I would ONLY wear black scarves. I now have some colour in my life though.

There are tons of abaya and scarf stores in the Sharjah Blue Souq and its definitely a bargain shopping there!

Bag – Charles and Keith – AED 490ย 

I know you can barely see my bag in this picture, but I got this last summer and Im unable to find a picture of it online! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Its just a medium sized black square bag with 3 compartments. Very spacious and I can fit a whole lot of stuff in there (very heavy)

I am most likely to feature this on my blog another time though (wait and see yo)

Watch – DKNY – AED 700

You know how sometimes we stick to wearing our old stuff even if we do get upgrades? Thats how my life is with watches. Specifically this baby right here, I got it for my birthday probably 3-4 years ago and I still wear it on a daily basis. Gold watches are everything.

Well, thats most of it!

I managed to get quite a bit of goodies last night including a little something something from Sephora! I’m so excited to try this one out because I just know I will love it and It won’t disappoint me. WOOOOOOTTT!

Make the most out of whats left of the Dubai Shopping Festival you guys!ย 


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