That Kylie Jenner Lip!

WOW ITS BEEN A WHILE! Basically yeah, the beginning of my month had been taken over by finals and the rest by the laziness that was getting the best of me during winter break.

Decided to start being a bit more consistent with the blog now that Ive got quite a bit of free time on my hands.

SO KYLIE JENNER THO?  The lip shade that she wears is everything to me!


So after some research online, the products that look fairly similar to the shade that Kylie wears are;

MAC Velvet Teddy – Lipstick

MAC Brave – Lipstick

MAC Soar – Lip Liner

MAC Whirl – Lip Liner

Rimmel Tiramisu – Lip Liner

Im yet to get my hands on  some of these products, so when I do – I will definitely share pictures or tips on how to recreate the Kyle Jenner look!

As you can tell from the pictures, this lip colour is perfect for both a casual or a more dressy look. It works well with everything especially when you aren’t quite feeling a bright or bold lip!


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