3 Ways I Use Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil in its purest form can be used in many different ways and there are obviously tons of benefits to it!ย The one I bought is from the supermarket, it was in a yellow bottle but I just poured it all into a jar because everything looks good when its in a jar.

The consistency of it is pretty hard but so you would definitely need a tiny spatula to scoop some out. It melts right in the palm though!

Now, for my 3 favourite ways to use this stuff.

Hair Mask

Rub a little in the palm of your hands until its in liquid form and apply it all over your hair. You could leave it on for either 45 minutes and then wash it off OR you could keep it on overnight ๐Ÿ™‚ Do this a couple of times and your hair is surely going to be soft, smooth and shiny!

Lip/Body Scrub

Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturiser on its own. You could use it as a lip balmย before bed, or you could mix a tiny bit of sugar and use it as a lip scrub (don’t forget to be gentle). For the body scrub bit you could either mix in some sugar or salt, a few drops of any essential oil of your choice and bam – you just made yourself some body scrub. Its super moisturising and buffs away all the gross dead skin!

Makeup Remover

Apply some coconut oil on the face and let it sit in for a while. Go over it with a warm damp cloth and wipe it all off, be amazed at how well this stuff works! I tend to use it the most on the most stubborn eye makeup like waterproof mascara because it works soo well!

Thanks for reading!

Do you use Coconut oil in your beauty regime?ย 


3 thoughts on “3 Ways I Use Coconut Oil

  1. Abeer says:

    Have you tried coconut oil pulling? It might sound disgusting but it definitely works and tastes good too.. Since buying coconut oil, Ive literally just used it for everything that you’ve mentioned above.. Its like an all-purpose-oil.

      • Abeer says:

        I tried it for a month and like any other natural remedy, it takes a while to notice the difference. And yeah I suggest get a new bottle for it if you’re willing to try.. It might be a bit icky at first but then you get used to it.. Its like chewing on coconut..

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