10 Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline


Yes, Vaseline.

We all have a tiny jar lying somewhere around the house, and we all barely ever use it.


If you google ‘ways to use vaseline’, you will be left in awe really. There are a gazillion ways to use it and I was caught by surprise reading it all! Many beauty related ways and a few of which Ive tried and tested myself 🙂

Just going to share 10 of what I thought were interesting ways of using Vaseline (only 10 because I’m leaving you to do some research yourself har har har).

1. Lip Scrub – Quite possibly the most popular way of using vaseline in the beauty world. Nobody likes chapped lips, and they look awful with lipstick smeared on top of it! Tell me I’m wrong.  Aint nothing like making your own scrub with Vaseline, brown sugar and honey. Its useful to make a little pot of this goodness so you always got it on hand 🙂 

2. Lip Balm – If you’re like me and a bit too lazy to look for your lip balm in the bottom of your makeup bag, slather on some vaseline girl..(or boy). Its great for moisturising, it looks like lip gloss and it protects your lips from sun damage! Usually, I tend to use a tad bit of vaseline before wearing a matte lipstick and I do the whole ‘slather’ before bedtime. (only if I’m not being a lazy bum though)

3. Softening knees and elbows! – Lets admit it. Most of us have dry knees and elbows and we are too damn lazy to care. I know what its like to live life on the edge and not moisturise, trust me. BUT, VASELINE HELPS. Apply some vaseline goodness on your elbows and knees before bed one night and thank me in the morning! 🙂 Apparently, its good for soft feet as well! 

4. Makeup remover – Massage some vaseline around your face and eyes and and and watch the magic happens as it breaks all your make up off. Be sure to thoroughly wash the vaseline off afterwards though!

5. Eyelashes – If you love your mascaras and if you wear it nearly every day. You’ll know what rough gritty eyelashes might feel like. Applying some vaseline on my lashes before bed helped make my lashes be all soft again! Apparently it helps make them longer as well but I haven’t seen any significant differences on mine just yet.

6. Highlighter – Dabbing a tad tad tad bit of Vaseline on the cheek bones give a natural looking sheen to the face. Tried it once, loved it. Except I used a little too much.

7. Eyeshadows – Using eyeshadow on top of a tad bit of vaseline give a shiny/glossy look. 

8. Lip Gloss – Dont smear too much on! Just a little would do. I like to blend with a Q-tip to make it look a little more on the natural side. You can make it a tinted lip gloss by mixing vaseline with kool-aid!

9. Eyebrows – I read on a random blog that they help keep the stray brow hairs in place. Haven’t tried this yet but Im curious to find out if it could be used as a brow gel too?

10. Perfume – Applying some vaseline on your pulse points help make the fragrance last a whole lot longer than usual 🙂

And thats 10 random but interesting ways to use good ol Vaseline.

Get on the vaseline hype people! If there is one that is.

Hope Ive made you want to try out at least one way of using Vaseline, THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG YOU AWESOME PERON YOU!

Know any funky ways to use Vaseline? Let me know in the comments!


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