Off to Sri Lanka

So I left on holiday to Sri Lanka on Sunday and felt like taking a couple of random pictures here and there just for the fun of it.

Leaving on holiday for a month and a half with three family weddings to attend always means heavy heavy clothing. And things don’t go as great when luggages are way beyond the allowed weight limit. Sigh.

I was just sitting there on my own waiting for my parents to check all our luggages in and pay for the excess weight – oops!
After all of that got done with, I was on a train. Yes a train.
Terminal 3 is so huge that there’s a train inside it to get to the other side of the terminal. What madness.

And a million escalators later, I finally reached my beloved duty free.20140721-234502-85502261.jpg20140721-234501-85501927.jpg

The fact that I love duty free is definitely no surprise. Sneaking in some time to do a bit of shopping is just super exciting for me! Perfumes, make up and chocolate? GIMME MORE.


The little child in me was in heaven at this isle.



Couldn’t say no to Starbucks considering it was 8am and I was sleepless! Stood in line for ages for a coffee because I just needed it.


I got myself an iced caramel frappe and a delicious cinnamon roll.



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetBoarded the plane looking and feeling like a mess, and felt so relieved to find my comfy little window seat. I was so looking forward to getting some beautiful pictures of the palm and jumeirah as we were flying right over it, but unfortunately I dozed off just when the plane was taking off. I don’t know who does that, but I did. Hmph.

Below is a picture of the menu they gave us, I love plane food. Always have and always will. I really wanted to try the Fish, but they were didn’t have any more. Had to settle with the chicken – which was just alright.

Heres a question – why don’t they serve Pizza on planes?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset20140721-235905-86345769.jpg

That dessert was amazing tho. I do admit that it doesn’t look all that amazing and great, but it tasted so so good I even ate my brothers share. The taste is all that matters anyway.

Time for a duty free haul!





That mini jar of Nutella is something I just could not resist not buying. Its just so adorable and cute, I just had to.

And the smarties? I was torn between which disney princess character top I should get, so I just settled for the boring topped one, but at least its pink though.

The Chanel lipstick is somethingย I couldn’t resist either. I kept swatching mac, ysl, and tom ford lip sticks and nothing felt just right. But when I tried the Chanel one out, I knew it was the one! I immediately just had to get it. It’s from their Luminous Matte range and it’s in the shade La Raffine. It’s a gorgeous pink shade as you can tell.

(PS. Beauty products cost way less in duty free, and I never noticed it before!)


Who else loves airplane pillows and blankets? I secretly wished my bag was big enough to smuggle that cozy blanket with me, but it just wasn’t.

The flight I was on had an hour transit in Maldives, and being the sleepy zombie that I was I totally missed out on checking out the beautiful view of the islands. Couldn’t even take pictures to share around either. I did take a gorgeous picture of the sunset though. I love taking pictures of the sky.


I eventually arrived in Sri Lanka and went through all the long lines of immigration and baggage claims.



Finally left the airport and was off to go home, reached my place in about 4 hours and was undoubtedly feeling super super tired. So glad to finally be in Kandy as I consider it to be my home away from home.

I was considering taking some pictures around the country and sharing it on here so if you’re interested in reading about anything specific – do let me know!

Are you on holiday?


6 thoughts on “Off to Sri Lanka

  1. neenz87 says:

    Hey Daania!.. I hope you are enjoying your vacation.. We are alike on so many levels. I LOVE plane food and clicking pix of the sky. Seriously lady, you fell asleep while the plane was taking off??. Hahaha :D.. Lovely mini haul.. What u mean beauty products are priced lower?. I never felt so. Olay cream which is normally 51 or 52 is 64 in dutyfree!. That lipstick is sooo gorgeous. Lovely shade and finish. Nice pix. Do click pix from ur country too. What’s that dessert u had?. It really does look unappetizing!. But now that u said it was great am curious as to what it is!. That pic of the food is yummilicious. I am fasting and looking at it :P.. U know, when I get the food in the plane, it’s like how a kid gets a wrapped gift!. I am always so excited to open it. Some people hate airline food and that’s one sentiment I totally don’t get!.. Enjoy the weddings and your vacation, hun โ™ก

    • daaniaf says:

      Helloo! OMG Im glad I finally know someone who loves plane food as much as I do, most people hate the stuff! But I find it exciting too ๐Ÿ˜€ And about the beauty products, all of the make up I was browsing through were quite cheaper in duty free, the YSL lipstick that I bought from Sephora costed 186, and in duty-free it was 150! Also, Chanel lipsticks cost around 170-ish in Sephora and I got mine for 142!

      The dessert was a sago pudding, it was Coconut and Mango flavour. SO SO GOOD! My mom and I loved it! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank yoooou Naz! โค

      • neenz87 says:

        :D… Oh well, I never browsed through the high end products much. That might be why I never noticed. Coconut and mango sounds so yum!. Btw, even I wait around for someone in my family to say they can’t eat the whole of their dessert (or even the food). I then pounce in and ‘volunteer’ to ‘help’ them finish… Hahaha..

  2. saaaaabira says:

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ i have an emirates blanket at home for some reason!! its the best ๐Ÿ™‚ btw looking forward to duty free shopping in Dubai this december!

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