Mini Pies

As promised on my previous blog post, heres a recipe of what I made for Iftar today!

DSC_0257 copyI love anything to do with short crust pastry, especially pies. And if anything is mini sized, it just makes it a whole lot cuter and fun to eat!

I felt so inspired after scrolling my life away on pinterest, and decided to give this a go! Its incredibly quick and easy to make!

I bought my short crust pastry from the supermarket, but you can obviously make it from scratch using any recipe you can find online (you can’t really go wrong with short crust pastry my friend). Also, As you can tell I used my cupcake tray thing to make this because how else do you get mini pies?!

Basically, all I did was roll out the pastry dough, cut circles using a glass, and laid them into each tin.


It doesn’t have to be really perfect unless you want it to be, as you can see – mine are far from perfect. Anyways, after doing this step you should first preheat your oven to 160, and then fill it in with whatever stuffing you prefer, sweet or savoury. I filled these in with a chicken mix that my mom had made, which was tres delicious!

Once they’re all filled in, use the scraps of dough to cut up little strips so you can make them look all pretty with either crosses or weaving them into a lattice if you’ve got the time for that. After getting that done with, brush the tops of each pie with some egg wash (an egg beaten up with 1 tbsp of water) which gives it the lovely golden brown colour.

These baked in about 15 – 20 minutes, and were so so good!


Hope I’ve made you want to make some mini pies, do let me know if you actually did make some! 😀

Whats your Iftar staple?


3 thoughts on “Mini Pies

  1. Aisha Id says:

    Wonderful recipe! Gonna try this soon 😀

    And hey! I lived in Dubai too. Moved to Pakistan 4 years back, now a psychology student here and I am also a foodie person 😀

    • daaniaf says:

      Aw Thank you! I hope you like it just as much as I do! 😀 Let me know how it went ^^

      How long were you living in Dubai for? Nice to meet you Aisha 🙂

      • Aisha Id says:

        Yes, I am thinking of trying it out today if I could get a good recipe of the pastry.

        I was born in there so I was like there for 18 years.
        Really miss that place now. Hope to come back soon someday when Allah wills 🙂

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