Weekend Beauty & Make up Haul – 1

DSC_0147 copyIn this part of the world, the weekend begins on a Thursday afternoon all through till Saturday. And just like every human being is wired up to crave for the weekend, us Dubai people just crave for Thursdays!

My Thursday night was spent in The Dubai Mall, aka my second home and I shopped the night away – literally till like 1.30am. There are so many summer sales going on almost everywhere and I just couldn’t resist myself. I bought tons of clothes, accessories and beauty products so I decided to write up a little haul of the goodies that I got myself last night!

(This haul consists of products bought from Victorias Secret and Sephora, only)


Victoria’s Secret

Everybody loves VS products, theres no doubt that they have some amazing stuff in there. And when theres a sale, girl you gotta go all out – I know I did.

The prices Ive mentioned are the discounted sale prices and not the actual price that it used to be.

DSC_0108Victoria’s Secret GLAMOUR Scented Body Mist (75ml/25 AED)

Im always up for a good body mist, and if its small enough to fit in my purse thats a big plus! This one smells very fruity floral – it is said to be a mixture of steamed amber, sultry gardenia and exotic mangoes. The fragrance isn’t overwhelming at all and I feel like it would be great to have on the go!

DSC_0107 copyLimited Edition Victoria’s Secret DESIRE Hydrating Body Lotion (250ml/AED 25)

As I was just casually walking by checking out the different beauty products, one of the sales woman just grabbed my hand and insisted in me testing this lotion out because it was her favourite – what.

Being the kind of person who cannot just walk away from situations like that, I ended up caving into her demands and actually fell in love with this stuff!

This body lotion has a very warm scent of Coconut and Passion fruit and its said to be enriched with Aloe, Oat and Grape seed Extracts which are great for hydrating the skin. Im really excited to try this product out and I feel so good to have gotten the very last bottle off the shelf! Holla!

DSC_0109 copy

Victoria’s Secret Island Getaway  Tropical Nights Whipped Body Soufflé (192ml/AED 25)

When I visited VS a week ago, my mom picked out the exact same body soufflé in the ‘pomelo and coconut water’ scent and when I tried hers out I just loved it! The consistency of this product is just lovely as it is very airy/light and gets absorbed into the skin really quickly. The scent lingers too! Which I love.

When I was in VS last night, I picked this one out and its in the ‘fresh berries and hyacinth’ scent. Its a very sweet/floral/fresh scent and I’m looking forward to trying this one out 🙂


One of the largest high-end makeup store, also known as a beauty addicts heaven on earth. Yeah, I just love Sephora and I wish I was a millionaire so I could literally buy everything they’ve got in there.

I popped in to collect a sample that I signed up for, but ended up buying so much more than I intended to. Im pretty sure I’m not alone on that one though.



Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in Strawberry Tint         (AED 79)

Lip stains are great because one doesn’t have to keep checking and re-applying their lippy throughout the day. This product caught my eye because firstly, the awkward packaging. And second, the 10 hour lasting power. What madness.

They’ve got a good variety of shades and as you can tell from the swatch – they are very very very pigmented which I just love. The texture is pretty good as well, light and not too runny or sticky like most lip stains I’ve seen.

Pretty excited about trying this baby out, will keep ya posted on what I think about it in the future okay? Do click here to check out the rest of the shades and what it actually looks like as a whole ok?

DSC_0124 DSC_0125

Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact in Medium (AED 91)

The world of mineral foundation amazes me; especially the Tarte one that almost every blogger and youtuber raves about. Since its nearly impossible to find Tarte products in-store in Dubai, I decided on trying the Sephora mineral foundation out.

Its very smooth and easily blend able.  It comes with a black/white double-sided sponge applicator which could be used for heavy/light application. It is buildable and provides light-medium coverage which was just what I was looking for!

This is my first mineral foundation ever, so Im looking forward to seeing how it goes. I do have a good feeling about this one though 🙂

DSC_0128 copyDSC_0136Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in the shade Rose Infinite   (AED 186)

If you follow me on instagram, you would’ve seen me put up a picture of a lovely new addition to my lipstick family.

Ive been wanting this lipstick for possibly the longest time now, and Im so glad I was finally able to get it! I have to admit buying a lipstick like this really is a splurge, but its such a wonderful treat!

The shade Ive got is called ‘Rose Infinite’ and its has a shiny finish. Its a very deep and subtle rosie pink shade, but it is a sheer lipstick so it isn’t overpowering at all. It claims to provide 8 hours of hydration so I’m pretty looking forward to trying this one out.

Ive always loved YSL for their lipstick packaging, I find it so chic and classy! HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS PACKAGING? I could stare at it all day.


Benefit Cosmetics They’re real! Push up Gel Eyeliner (SAMPLE)

Possibly the most hyped up product by benefit this past month. A gel eyeliner in the form of a pen? whaaaat!

I follow benefit cosmetics on instagram, and they posted something about signing up for trying out this very product before it goes out in stores – so I did. And I collected it from Sephora just yesterday. Its just a sample size, but Im still quite excited about trying this one out. Gotta check out what all the crazy hype is about yeahhhhh?

And that ends up my very first haul, hopefully more would be coming your way. Hopefully not as long as this one though.

Have you been loving anything new lately?


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