Friday Shenanigans : Tom & Serg!


Tom & Serg is a restaurant/cafe in Dubai which was founded by Tom (an Aussie from Melbourne) and Sergio (from Madrid); long story short – the two of them combined their love for food and opened this cafe up really.

It is located amongst a jungle of warehouses, and it did take my friend and I quite some time to find the place! The thing I loved most about the cafe is definitely the entire environment that they created – open kitchen, open ceiling, huge glass windows and a very urban and busy theme (in the best way possible).

Its like finding a little gem in a desert, you get me?


DSC_0003DSC_0009They have a great menu and I found myself stuck between all thats there to choose from! Though it does look relatively small, it IS changed every now and then which is just wonderful! As you can see, or not – they’ve got a variety of coffees, drinks, and different kinds of food that they serve at different times of the day!

DSC_0011 copy DSC_0012 copy


DSC_0015The food was delicious but we were a bit too full to have some dessert, but because they looked amazing we will definitely be going back there for them! Considering we were there on a Friday, it was quite noisy and crowded but we had a good time nonetheless. If theres good service and good food for a reasonable amount of money, its just perfection!

(ps. doesn’t drinking orange juice from a jar look and seem so much better!)

I would definitely recommend this spot for anyone scrounging for a new place to try out, and I’m totally going to be heading back for some dessert one day! Maybe on a weekday though.

For more information about this cafe, do click here.

Any cool cafe/restaurant recommendations in Dubai?


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