Benefit High Beam


I love using highlighters, they are just amazing and they have the power to transform a whole look! Its just perfection.

Though I was always a little sceptical about trying ‘high beam’ out, I was glad I received it in this little kit (below).DSC_0148


If you aren’t quite sure about what exactly this product is/does.

Its basically a liquid highlighter which is of a satin pinky shade that works great for accentuating the cheek and brow bones. It adds a dewy radiant glow to the face which is just lovely and subtle.

DSC_0124DSC_0128I can assure you this isn’t nail polish, though it looks like it is. The packaging and the brush applicator is great because the amount of product used can be controlled!

Also, its so teeny and cute. Love all things teeny and cute.


The consistency of the product is pretty good because it isn’t super thick or super thin, but just right! Its super blend-able and subtle.

As you can or cannot tell from the picture, right next to the blob is another blob which is blended out. You can sorta see the sheen that it adds to my fist.

Three blobs on each cheekbone on top of makeup adds a dewy sheen, and under makeup adds a lovely luminescent glow which gives the look of really healthy skin! (after blending it out of course!) It also looks great on the brow bone, bridge of the nose and cupids bow.

DSC_0123 copyAll in all, I love using this product and its definitely something I would repurchase and recommend for anyone! Benefit offers many other kinds of liquid highlighters and cheek tints which I’m so looking forward to trying out.

Whats your favourite benefit product?


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