Flavoured Water

If you’re anything like me and is very bad at drinking a good amount of water, heres a recipe (sort of) that could possibly help change that!

Everybody knows how important it is to drink a ton of water – health and beauty wise. But for some unknown reason, I just can’t seem to do it! Luckily though, when it comes to flavoured water – I can literally drink that stuff all day every day!

Flavoured water is readily available in all supermarkets, but when its really easy to make at home, why not do it yourself?

1. Cucumber water

DSC_0114 copyThere are many benefits to drinking cucumber water.

Its great for the skin, super hydrating, helps eliminate wastes and toxins in the body and lastly, its low calorie! Its a really good alternative for regular water and so much better than always drinking sodas to cool down in the summer.

Its really simple and easy to make (as you can tell in the photograph), and you can make a million more variations of it! Another lovely addition to flavoured water is the addition of lemon slices or even some sprigs of mint. You could just leave it all to sit in the water for a couple of minutes for it to infuse, and thats about it!

Another one of my favourites is ‘Strawberry Water’.

Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits ever, and I personally love strawberry flavoured water because its just so good! And I know that I can drink tons of it.

DSC_0117 copyStrawberries add great flavour to the water, and is very hydrating and packed full of antioxidants that are great for the bodies metabolism. I usually tend to add in slices of lemon and maybe even a sprig of mint because it tastes really good with the strawberries, but you can obviously add in whatever you want to.

Flavoured water is a great method of detoxification, and they all have great health benefits. Personally, I just use it to make myself drink more water, but hey! no ones complaining about the good stuff.

Do you enjoy making up your own little concoctions with water? If you do, what do you add into it?


5 thoughts on “Flavoured Water

  1. neenz87 says:

    Hey I was planning to do a post on this!!. Hehe. Anyways, it is planned for August or later. I have recently started doing it and seriously I understand when you say you just can’t drink plain water. I totally get it. My favorite is lemon plus cucumber ♡

  2. saaaaabira says:

    I’m totally the opposite.. flavoured water and me ain’t friends.. or maybe I just over do it who knows 😀 .. try ginger and lemon its the only one I actually like

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