Hand Creams!

Ive been quite MIA this month because of finals, and all that stress and frustration that took over my soul. Making quite a comeback with a post on well, hand creams (hi weirdo). I shall talk a little about why its important to use hand creams, and a little review of the products Ive been using the past couple of weeks.

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So why use hand creams? 

Well, the skin on our hands are pretty delicate and the quickest to dry out. There are so many harsh chemicals in dishwashing liquid, hand soap, and even antibacterial gels that dry out our hands, and its important to add some moisture on there afterwards because who wants dry hands?

Various dermatologists state that, the first signs of ageing appear on the hands, and starting to take care of it when young will definitely help benefit in the later life. Also, hand care seems to be the most neglected area when it comes to skincare!

(I did my research)

Hand creams help maintain the skins moisture levels and prevents it from drying out. Our hands are always exposed to all kinds of chemicals and temperatures like cold soda cans and that perfect mug of warm tea! Though they feel warm and cozy, they do cause damage to the skin and its important to show some love to your hands with some hand cream yo. Just do it.

There are various hand creams available in the market today. Its not necessary to splurge on a really expensive high end hand cream if you’re not into that, there are hand creams available in the drugstore that work just as great!

Im all about that hand cream life, and Ive tried out a handful of them! Getting a good hand cream IS a little tricky, so Im going to share some info about the ones Ive used lately to help you out if you’re in the market to get one! Or not. I don’t know.

DSC_0101 copy

Bath And Body Works – Twilight Woods Shea Cashmere Hand Cream (AED 40)

So this cream claims to be non-greasy, absorb quickly and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth instantly. And it does live up to all of them! Since it does have a good amount of shea butter in there, it does a great job of moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth almost instantly! It isn’t greasy, and it smells warm and fruity which is not overpowering at all.

The only thing that Im not a fan of though, is the slight shimmer that it leaves on my skin. It isn’t like big chunks of glitter or anything, it is just a subtle shimmer that I just don’t prefer for daily use.


Soap And Glory – Hand Food (AED 45)

Im a huge fan of all Soap and Glory products because they all live up to what they claim to do. Hand Food is easily one of the best hand creams Ive ever used. I love this to bits and Ive used up all of it!

Its enriched with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow (i know!)

The formula of this hand cream is just lovely! Its very hydrating and non-greasy. It smells divine and does its job pretty darn well! Definitely recommend this cream to any one!

DSC_0104 copyBath And Body Works – Super-Softening Hand Lotion ($6)

This cute little travel sized tube of hand cream has olive, apricot and avocado oils, with some Vitamin E antioxidants and paraffin. The oils help to add moisture back into the skin, and the paraffin locks the moisture in! Its very thick and hydrating, and it does moisturise my skin pretty well but unfortunately I find it to be a little too greasy for my liking.

This cream does do its job, but it isn’t something that I would keep on my desk for daily uses because of its thick consistency and greasiness. I use this cream before bed or when Im having a little ‘pamper night’.

DSC_0106Boots – Green Tea & Soybean Hand and Nail Cream (AED 15)

This is a well loved hand cream, possibly a favourite. And as you can tell, Ive used up nearly the entire tube! This cream is hydrating, non greasy and smells great! It nourishes the nails and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, which I love!

It is great for every day use because it isn’t greasy and absorbs fast into the skin as its being massaged on. My hands feel smooth and soft almost instantly after using it, and this is the one cream that has made itself into all my bags when I’m on the go.

Im now all out of hand cream, and I’m currently on the look out for one! Ive got the L’occitane hand cream on my radar right now but I’m always open for suggestions so do let me know in a comment if you’ve got one! (or not).


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