April Favorites!

April has got to be my favourite month of the year – only because its my birthday month of course!

I’ve always wanted to write about my monthly favourites because I personally love reading people’s posts on it, But for some unknown reason I never actually got to doing it.


Beauty and Non-Beauty favourites, holler!


The whole lot!

DSC_0014 copy

The Body Shop MINI Satsuma Body Butter (AED 110 for a set with 5)

I love The Body Shop! I could just spend hours and hours smelling all their products no matter how creepy that may be. They have the best body butters ever and my mom and I just love them to bits!

I bought myself a set of 5 mini body butters, and the first one i decided to use up is this Satsuma one. It smells sooooo good I feel like an orange with legs. Im really big on moisturising my skin and this is the one product Ive been reaching onto lately – i just love it!

(ps. its great for knees and elbows!)

DSC_0015 copy

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (AED 42)

A good blush really does complete a look. And if it looks really natural on the skin, I say stock up on that ish! This specific one is in the shade ‘peach satin’ and its a great shade for olive/tanned skin. It lasts pretty well throughout the day and gives a very subtle sheen on the cheeks, which i find quite lovely!

Click here for the review I wrote on this very blush!

Sephora Perfect Cover Conealer (AED 79)

Okay this isn’t an April favourite, BUT I have been using this for a few months now and I do love it.

This has been my favourite concealer for quite some time now. It is by Sephora and Im in the shade 31 medium. Its a great under eye concealer and works wonders on them dark circles! It lasts pretty much all day and although it does crease into fine lines a face primer and setting powder helps defeat that. Id recommend this concealer for pretty much anyone because I love it so much! As you can tell, I have indeed reached pan on this (woot!).

DSC_0016 copy

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner (AED 15 -because its travel sized)

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line is known to be crazy hyped up for, and I can tell why.

This is a great toner, it makes my skin feel so clean (not squeaky clean) and it does help fade away spots and break outs (which is why I love it of course!). It does have a slight tingle on the skin but thats just lasts a couple of seconds so its not gonna kill you.

Good stuff.

NYX Retractable Eye Liner (Aroung AED 28, don’t remember the exact price)

Im all up for coloured eye liners, they add an element of FUN to a whole look. Well i think so anyway.

I was on the look out for a rose gold eye liner for aaaages as they help make the eyes look all awake and happy and big and stuff. Found this one by NYX cosmetics, it is in the shade ‘silky cashmere’ it was the closest shade to rose gold they had okay. They have a huuuuuge range of eyeliner shades that I’m pretty excited about trying out!

Oh Ive been loving using this liner on my waterline and inner corner for a subtle highlight!

Maybelline The Turbo Mascara (waterprooooof) (AED 54)

Who doesn’t love mascara?

I love this one because it just does the job, it adds good volume and length to my lashes and thats just good enough for me really! What i don’t love about this so much is the fact that it smudges whenever i put it on my lower lashes, who wants that anyway?


Benefit Cosmetics – Feelin’ Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit

I got this as a birthday present from my bestestestest friend ever and I just love this to bits. Ive always wanted one of these lip and cheek kits and I’m so glad she got me this for birthday!

This really is a great kit. It comes with high beam (highlighter), posie tint (cheep and lip stain) and dandelion (blush and lip gloss). Also a cute little blush brush!

I’ve used this kit quite a few times this month, and I really do love these products. High beam is basically sleep in a bottle, posie tint is such a bright pink which is great for the spring/summer time and the blush is of a warm pink shade and it looks just lovely 0n the cheeks! Im not that big into lip glosses, but this dandelion gloss I actually really like. It isn’t sticky or too shiny but quite subtle and natural looking.

I love this kit, and I will definitely look into buying myself more of them as they come out 🙂

And for the non-beauty favourites.


Okay i seriously have way more non-beauty favourites. But these two are just my current favourites that are special to me!

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone Cover

I got this iPhone case as a birthday gift from my best friend, and i love it! Its so cute and girly, definitely a favourite!


Michael Kors Mid-Size Rose Golden Lexington Chronograph Watch (AED 1300)

Im a sucker for anything rose gold and michael kors, and watches. I have a serious watch obsession, you’ve no idea bro. This watch was a birthday present from my dad and i just love it! Fits perfectly on my wrist, and i love the look of it! Id definitely recommend anyone considering to splurge on a new watch to get it from Michael Kors. They have a lovely collection and it’s worth it too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, Thanks a bunch!


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5 thoughts on “April Favorites!

  1. neenz87 says:

    Belates bday wishes, girl!. You got some really nice gifts. I am in love with that MK watch. Hope to own an MK watch one day!. i love rose gold too <3. About high beam, i didn't understand what you mean by 'sleep in a bottle'. It would be nice if you put the prices of each products next time. I think I will check out that gorgeous Dream Bouncy blush. Looks like a pretty color. Nice favs post, Daania 🙂

    • daaniaf says:

      Awh, thank you beautiful! What I meant about high beam was that, it helps me look more awake even when I’m only surviving on like 4 hours of sleep. I use it on my cheeks and inner eye for a little highlight and it literally changes up my whole look and makes me look so awake! 🙂

      I hope you get an MK watch one day ^^ they are all so beautiful! And definitely check out the blush! Oh also, I just edited my post, and added the prices in! Thanks a bunch for the little tip, I appreciate it 😀

      • neenz87 says:

        Oh now it makes sense!. Somehow sleep in a bottle gave a negative feeling. Hahaha. But now I totally get you. So nice that you added the prices in. I love giving constructive criticism to bloggers so that they can better their blogs ♡

      • daaniaf says:

        Hahaha I can see how I would’ve made it seem like some drug that makes me fall asleep. Hahaha my bad! I appreciate your constructive criticism and Im always open to more ❤

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