Urban Decay Naked Basics


Everybody knows about the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes, and being the indecisive person that i am – i just cannot choose between Naked 1, 2 or 3! I can’t have em all yet i just can’t pick one!

Im yet to decide on which palette I’m going to splurge on, but what i do have is the Naked Basics palette to give me company until then!

i love this palette so much

This palette is what makes me want all the other palettes even more!

DSC_0059 copy

6 beautiful nude shades that would go with any skin tone! Great quality eye shadows that are well pigmented and do not fall out. What more would you want?

You can obviously play around with the shades depending on the look thats desired.

5 of the 6 shades are matte, and since I’m a sucker for anything matte this palette is a win win win for me! The first shade Venus is the only shade that is not matte but could be used as a great highlight shade when going for an au naturale but not really look.

Get what i mean?

My favourite shade in this palette has got to be Walk Of Shame (WOS), its just a pastel sorta shade but nude at the same time (I’m so not great at this). I use this palette almost every time i go out, and i love it every time. These shadows are really easy to play around with as they blend so easy yet stay pigmented.


Would i recommend this palette to anyone? Hell yeah i would. Not for the ones who go all out with peacock eyelids though, i mean obviously not.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on this palette!

For more information on Urban Decay’s Naked collection, click here.

Thanks a bunch!

Daania x


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