Global Village!


So for those of you who don’t know what ‘Global Village’ is – its basically like a huge shopping fair with pavilions representing different countries of the world. People from all over the world actually get themselves stalls to display and sell their goods. It runs throughout the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and a couple of months after it! Its loads of fun to check out the different pavilions and buy cool stuff! And being the foodie that i am, i mostly go for the food.

This year, I’ve visited Global Village twice so far, and on my second visit i decided to take along my camera and get some random photographs for le blog!

There are so many pavilions, its rather impossible to visit all of them in a day! However, ill still share my thoughts and pictures of the few pavilions that i did visit – because why not?


Okay so, India. Everybody knows how big India is, i ain’t gonna be stating the obvious here! And the indian pavilion, JUST AS BIG. Its huge! (as you can see below) My parents and i spent around one and a half hours in there and we still didn’t manage to go all about!

DSC_0005 copy

Look at how big it is! I know right?

Inside, you can find all sorts of traditional clothes, shoes, jewellery, home decor and kitchen appliances. Everything is really colourful and authentic you can get that traditional/cultural feeling!

Life is short, buy the shoes!

Life is short, buy the shoes!

Hello random kid.

Hello random kid.

Ahh! Gotta love them bangles, i know i do!

Ahh! Gotta love them bangles, i know i do!


This time around, Global Village out did themselves with the Turkish pavilion. I don’t remember it being this big and fabulous the past years! If you’re wondering why there is a huge crowd outside – its because there was a performance going on, as with all the other pavilions and their traditional dances and such.

DSC_0016 copy

The Turkish pavilion had all sorts of clothes, food stalls, really cool home decor things, a Photo Booth where you could dress up like the royal family of Turkey and get your picture taken (really really cool), and lastly – TURKISH DELIGHTS! (below) I love turkish delights oh so much! I had a nice go at trying out almost all the flavour that they had, and ended up buying orange, kiwi and my all time favourite – rose water!

If you have never tried turkish delights, you definitely should because you missing out my friend!



The Chinese pavilion has all the cool odd things that you wouldn’t really find in the other stalls. They also have really pretty clothes, jewellery, shoes and bags. Randomly enough, what actually caught my attention were the little red lanterns that were hung all over the entire pavilion!


These lanterns just scream China!

These lanterns just scream China!

Love how they're hung all over.

Love how they’re hung all over.

Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to get photographs of every single pavilion that i visited, but i thought id mention a few of the cool stuff that i found in the other pavilions too!


The Thai pavilion is just one of my favourites! They’ve got the cutest hipster stuff like bags and jewellery and also, the Thai snacks and food that they’ve got just makes me go – yum yum yum! Them Thai fruits and cold coconut water tho. Oh my. (Im feeling for some coconut water right now!)

I happened to get myself the knockoff version of the Chanel iPhone cover in the Thai pavilion. As much as I hate knock offs, spending 12,000 dhs on the actual Chanel phone case is just incredibly insane, so i settled in for the knock off which i got for AED 50 – which is not so bad!


The one thing thats mostly sold in the Yemeni pavilion, is honey! They sell all kinds of honey for all sorts of purposes. Its fun to walk about tasting all the different kinds of honey.


The Moroccan pavilion had some really interesting antique furniture in this one store, i feel like it’s really worth walking about looking at all the different things that they had in there. Id definitely recommend it.

Also, for all the beauty enthusiasts out there, i understand the struggle to find pure Moroccan oil in Dubai, and I’m glad to say you can buy it in the Moroccan pavilion in global village! YESSSSS! I got myself a bottle for AED 120.

Traditional Cooking Corner

This is just a random stall that is all around Global Village. Theres a bunch of women making different kinds of Emirati snacks!


Luqaimat is just one of the yummiest traditional Emirati sweets ever! They’re basically deep fried balls of dough thats crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and smothered in date syrup. OH SO GOOD! Notice how the picture is a tad bit blurry, i was a little too excited to dig into it so i just took one shot..

Maybe i should try making it at home and sharing the recipe on here! Now theres a thought.



Holland Mini Pancakes

These cute little addictive pancakes are a new addition to global village, and i have to say it is probably one of the best! They are so so so so good! They cost AED 25 a tray, with one topping of your choice. Obviously, nutella is the best BECAUSE ITS NUTELLA.

I cannot wait to go back there and have some of this goodness!

This picture quality is sorta low because it was taken by my phone and it also has an instagram filter on there. Har di har.

Holland Mini Pancakes

Holland Mini Pancakes

Although I’ve only put up 2 pictures of what i had eaten, i actually did eat more and there is so many other food options you could choose from. Global Village ends on the 12th of April 2014, so do try to pay a visit if you’re interested And also, don’t forget to brush up on your bargaining skills!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this super long blog post of mine. If you’ve actually read everything and reached the end, you deserve a cookie.

Thanks a bunch for reading!

Daania x


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