#11. Heritance Tea Factory Hotel!

Hello there!

So I’m the kind of person who enjoys travelling and exploring, its just one of those things that i just love! I can’t even explain why. Why wouldn’t you love travelling? Just why.ย I’ve decided on blogging about places I’ve visited, eaten at and explored because i enjoy reading posts like that and I’m hoping you do too!

Okay so moving on – During my summer vacation in Sri Lanka, my family and i paid a visit to a city called ‘Nuwara Eliye’, its the hill country part of Sri Lanka and quite frankly its one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in sri lanka if i say so myself. Its just so green and chilly and wonderful! Complete opposite to the hot desert I’m living in right now.

Anyways, we stayed at the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel which was literally a Tea Factory during the early 1900’s. The interior of the hotel was so old school and it was just lovely because everything was so well preserved and maintained considering how old most of the things were. You should definitely google the hotel up so you could see how beautifully it just sits on top of a hill!

They had a lovely buffet and the rooms were perfect! Since the place is generally chilled out and quiet, the place is a great relaxation spot.

Just some random pictures from my visit.

IMG_6590IMG_6586Hotel view, Told you this place was green!

IMG_6587One of the hotel activities was ‘tea plucking’, which was pretty interesting. My brothers and i were dressed up in the traditional attire which was a sari for me and sarongs for the boys – the first time i ever wore a sari was when i was being a tea plucker. Haha! We had 30 minutes to pick the tea leaves and throw it into the basket which was hanging on our back, and being the kind of person who has the worst aim ever, half the leaves i picked fell out of the basked when i tried to throw them in ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The picture above is basically my basket of leaves after the 30 minutes. After picking the leaves we were taken into the hotel’s very own mini tea factory and we were told about how exactly they make the tea which was surprisingly quite interesting!

This is definitely something you should check out if you ever pay a visit!

IMG_6536I don’t think i love anything more than a hotel buffet breakfast! Aw yeah.

IMG_6506The climate there was so relaxing and calming you just can’t not have a good spa day! My entire family spent one entire evening in the spa and it was just ahmaazzzinggggg!

Overall, this hotel experience was lovely and i would definitely go back! I would certainly recommend it to anyone who plans on going to Sri Lanka on holiday.

Click here if you’d like to check their website out, its definitely worth looking at the pictures so i don’t understand why you wouldn’t.

Hope you sorta enjoyed reading about this little hotel experience sorta post, this is definitely the first of many to come and ill get better at it too i promise.

Thanks for reading!

Daania x


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