Hello again!

Id like to receive my worst blogger award now if thats okay?

Haven’t updated my blog since December 2012. Quite sad i must say! Its like i fell out of the blogging wagon and never really got back up. Well it isn’t like i have a million people who would be dying to read my blog, but oh well. ITS STILL SOMETHING I STARTED AND NEVER KEPT UP WITH IT AND I HATE MYSELF FOR THAT, okay ill stop yelling now.

Took a year off blogging, don’t know why but i did and and and yeah. Kinda seems like i took a year off blogging because of rehab or some shit. but i didn’t, i was just too lazy and you know busy being me and having me time and all that jazz.

Well its the 2nd day of 2014, and I’m starting out this year telling myself I’m going to be doing more of the things i genuinely love which is sleeping – hah gotcha! I meant cooking and baking and taking photographs aaaaand then sleeping obviously.

2013 was a great year, it was not as bad as i probably make it seem to be. Took my own sweet time being a lazy little sh*t, but besides that however, Ive gained a whole new level of interest in makeup and fashion the past year, which means i could possibly be adding up some blog posts related to that (if i know what I’m talking about that is). EXCITING STUFF THOUGH HUH? ALSO, Im proud to say that within the past year, I’ve found myself in a good place spiritually, so possibly some posts on my thoughts or something? You let me know you invisible readers you! (lol jk ill upload what i want k)

Thats about it for my weird little update right now. Just getting back onto the blogging world, i shall take this more seriously now, really. Thanks for wasting your life on this post – id bake you cookies if i could.



One thought on “Hello again!

  1. hend says:

    AND THE WORST BLOGGER GOES TOOOOOOO DAANIAF 🙂 lol jks you da best blogger ever ❤ or not 🙂 maybe 🙂 ill think about it 🙂

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