#7. Giant Cookie!

Just incase you’re feeling all ‘WHAT WHERE HOW WHEN DID SHE COME BACK SHE DIDNT UPDATE HER BLOG THE WHOLE OF LAST YEAR’ – Do scroll yourself to my previous post where i raved about how i hadn’t updated my blog in 2013 okay? okay.

Now that thats taken care off *puts gun away*

Im starting out the year by sharing my cookie recipe. not just any boring ol cookie – A GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. Because why not? This is literally my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe, you probably like owe me your life because this recipe is just so simple and amazing and if you try this, you will love me forever.

Ingredients – 85g of softened butter, 100g of soft brown sugar, 50g of regular sugar, 1 egg, some vanilla extract, a pinch of baking powder and 125g of flour. Thats ittttt, literally! oh and chocolate chips too. duh.

So this is how you work the magic into making this cookie, you first preheat your oven to 170, and begin by mixing together both the sugars and butter until its like all mixed together and flufffayyy! And then you add in the egg and vanilla extract – you can add in as much as you’d like because its vanilla and everybody loves vanilla?  and then you add in the dry ingredients and mix it until it forms a dough. Mix in the chocolate chips as well, you can use whatever the hell you want to because its your life and only you have control over what you do – alright?

JUST BTW. The brown sugar in this is what makes the cookie be all chewy in the centre. If you’re not into that you could replace the brown sugar with regular sugar. But then again, who doesn’t like a chewy cookie? Also, this recipe yields one giant cookie but you can totally go all out and make whatever changes you want, the world is your canvas my frienddd.

So after you have the whole cookie dough thing, just mould it into a giant cookie on your baking tray? it really isn’t that hard. I added some more chocolate chips on the top because who doesn’t like chocolate?

Bake it for 20 to 25 minutes, AND BAZINGA!

You’ll have an amazing giant cookie, cut it up like you would a pizza and serve! Or eat it all yourself, which is what i kinda did. Wait till the cookie is cooled down a bit though, don’t eat a hot cookie and die.. 

Wish i had a proper picture of the cookie that i made a couple days ago.. just google it or something if you really don’t know what a cookie would look like.  Look at me getting back onto the blogging wagon with the most easiest recipe in the world!  Aw yeaaaah. Lets just hope i keep this up – i sure as hell want to!

Thanks for wasting your life on my blog! Do try this out it really is easy and tastes oh so gooooood!



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