#2. – Hot Chocolate.

Who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate to sip on? you’re a weirdo if you don’t..

So where i live, everyone’s a big fan of sharing. Especially when it comes to the flu. I’m hoping you know where i’m going with this? if you don’t, KABAYM I GOT THE FLU FROM UNI. For those of you who don’t know, i’m a first year psychology student from the uae. yada yada yada big whoop.

Basically, i spent most of last week coughing and and cussing at all the sick people in uni and i had the hot cocoa craving. they’re deadly, i know. Actually no they’re not. That’s just bullshit created by random girls who act all cranky if they don’t eat chocolate.. but then again, cravings are legit. jussayin.

Anyhu, back to hot chocolate talk. I was sick and lazy and i wanted some warm goodness to sip on. I usually make it the lazyday way, with the cocoa powder and heated up milk. but last week i felt like making it from scratch with like actually putting the effort to melt the chocolate and errthing. Its a real simple recipe, and it tastes so cozy. Literally. One sip of it and bam, i felt like cuddling in bed with a good book.

All you need is milk, a knife and yes – chocolate.

I used around 1.5 cups of milk, and a bar of chocolate. The closest thing to me at the time was dairy milk, so yeah that’s what i used. So basically, all you have to do is simmer the milk, yes honey on the stove. JUST till teeny bubbles start to form around the edges. And then whisk in the melted chocolate (i just used the microwave to melt my chocolate, but hey, feel free to do the whole double boiling deal) and then bam, you’ll have hot chocolate. Its best without sugar. and maybe a little pinch of cinnamon would do wonders.

ohohohohoh! Almost forgot to mention. Id suggest adding half a teaspoon of oil when melting the chocolate because –

a. The chocolate gets all shiny and fancy looking, and

b. You’ll get this super awesome smooth texture of hot chocolate. its just divine.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of it at that time, but i swear there will be awesome pictures for the posts that i’m yet to make. Adding to that, i didn’t really garnish it as such and make it look all pretty, cos i was too sick to gaf.. but a toasted marshmallow on top will do lovely! 🙂

Try out the hot chocolate, its awesome and cozy. AND i will upload pictures of it the next time i make it. Which might be sooner than you think. I think the best part of it is the fact that you can make large variations of it, and you can use whatever chocolate you want – dark chocolate, cheap chocolate, ugly chocolate, expensive chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, its endless really.

You’ve just spent a teeny part of your day reading my blog. Its much appreciated.

Leave a comment below if you’re bored and want to feel important.

Hopefully, ill post back here soon 🙂 WITH PICTURES, I Promise.

– D.


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